02 November 2009


Just out on live TV on Al Jazeera right now. News conference the Independent Elections Commission has agreed unanimously that the runoff will be cancelled. To "save costs" and prevent "uncertainty" and "security situations" in the Presidency, Hamid Karzai declared the President, how's THAT for Democracy!! Yeah, America you got your puppet back.Well this should ensure war for the next 100 years..........
more HERE and HERE
P.S. CREATURE COMFORTS: forgive the lack of posts today, the heating is broken and it's bloody freezing in here. Frozen fingers having trouble typing, Will be repaired by tomorrow, which cannot come soon enough. In the meantime, i'm going to have to go back to basics and make a fire, no seriously ;o)


Canada life insurance said...

This is ridiculous, if it was supposed to be like this, there shouldn't have been any election at first place, just think how much costs could have been saved. Anyway, you are right - America could be satisfied, because they have their man (who tried to win with a fraud) back...so big celebration, isn't it? Lorne

realistic bird said...


I didn't know they even declared the first to have a second one :S took forever to tally. This is the worst election sham I ever seen.

Brrrrr, sorry to hear about the heating system. We are being hit by a storm these past two days went from 27 to 20 and below over night.

Drink hot cocoa always seems a good idea on cold days :D

Irish4Palestine said...

@ Ralistic

20???? it's 20?????

I'd kill for 20, 20 is baking summer here, and on a GOOD day LOL

20 sheesh ;o)

bundle up over there LOL

Saladin said...

Regarding elections this is of course ridiculous,but like in the palestine situation,people who monitor and folow the news from afghanistan dont see these scenario shocking but sadly normal!

But i dont think that the people of afghanistan are laughing!

See yaa IRISH,gotta go!
This time i will not tell you stay good,i will tell you stay warm!:)
Maybe ill be back on net later today,so i will check your station and how are doing.

realistic bird said...

Lol even though I meant the 7 degrees difference over night yeah 20 is cold over here, 10-15 is freezing :P come have your winter here it will be cool spring :D

Irish4Palestine said...

@ realistic

Oh insult to injury, ouch ;o)

Ok talked me into it, get out the guest bed I'm on the way LOL

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