02 November 2009


YET,Egypt is blocking Aid convoys to Gaza.
Egypt’s new tactic is to not allow convoys to travel across Egypt by road. This does not bode well for the upcoming Viva Palestina huge convoy in December this year. I am wondering if they will even be allowed to enter Egypt once they arrive at the Egyptian border. After many weeks of attempting to deliver their stockpile of medical aid to Gaza, the Mile of Smiles convoy under the Friends of Humanity Human Rights Organisation, is still being held in Port Said along with their vehicles and aid. Just last week the Egyptians took 160 tons of "terrorist" cookies off the convoy, sending them to Israel instead of Gaza where the cookies were intended to be distributed to Palestinians children. Now they will be enjoyed by fat little Jewish children instead. It now appears that the Egyptians are blackmailing the convoy into using questionable shipping firms and boats that charge a huge amount of money, to now take the aid convoy directly to Gaza from Port Said. As if Israel will allow the boats to dock in Gaza….. Please after reading today's news below, take THIS LINK to see what you can do to help this convoy deliver the aid.
The Vienna-based Friends of Humanity human rights organization has lashed out at the Egyptian authorities for refusing to allow access for the Miles of Smiles European aid convoy heading to Gaza through Egyptian land.

The organization in a statement on Sunday severely criticized Cairo for holding the sea convoy off the harbor of Port Said for almost three weeks.

It said that Cairo was afraid of Egyptian popular support to be shown with the besieged Gaza Strip during the convoy's expected route from Port Said to Gaza.
It said that around 100 international sympathizes were aboard the ship carrying the aid shipment and had exerted big efforts to secure the needs of Palestinian children especially the disabled.

It charged the Egyptian authorities with participation in besieging the Gaza people, and asked Cairo to open the Rafah crossing before necessary supplies and reconstruction materials as well as people.