02 November 2009

Hillary Clinton Clears Things Up

Hillary, Hillary, My dear "entrenched in Jewish Lobby funding" Hillary.

How smart is the Obama Administration and Clinton? Not too smart. After crumbling, rolling over, and barking like an Israeli owned Circus dog. Clinton makes a far fetched statement on Israel, singing the praise of the so called unprecedented, stupendous, uber massive, ginormous, atmospheric, phenomenal, breathtaking, colossal, miraculous, gargantuan "concession" of doing nothing at ALL on those illegal settlements scattered all over what’s left of Palestine. The statement, was undoubtedly thought up, directed, written and edited by AIPAC. I can picture them all patting themselves on the back, “Great Work. Hillary!”

So, where does Obama send her next? Why to visit the Arab states. Where she got a round of non-applause and a hostile “welcome,” can’t imagine why, can you? Now, if I were (and I would never) be an Israeli AIPAC political puppet, I’d certainly at least have the common sense to visit Israel last, so I could then high tail it back to the States instead of having to explain the unexplainable to the Arabs on my next “good will” whirl wind stop.

Ah yes, I can picture the new Palestinian state now, Think “Swiss Cheese State” solution……….witness her failed attempt to whitewash the dirty deed:
Hillary Clinton was forced on to the defensive (forced onto the defensive means to lie again) on Monday following a furious Arab response to her apparent abandonment of US calls to halt Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank.

Facing a hostile audience in Marrakesh, (sorry but LOL) where she was due to meet Arab foreign ministers on Monday evening, Mrs Clinton made an attempt to marry the two positions

But Arab politicians appeared unconvinced and gave warning that the changing shifts in the Obama administration's policy on settlements had done great damage to the prospects for a breakthrough in the peace process.

"All of us, including Saudi Arabia, including Egypt, are deeply disappointed by the fact that Israel can get away with anything without any firm stand that this cannot be done."
No worries there Mr Arab states. Clinton says I'll clear it all up for you:
She insisted that Mr Obama continued to see further settlement construction as "illegitimate". (any more will be illegitimate, the existing ones are now part of Israel)link

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nolocontendere said...

Clinton was elevated through the ranks for her willingness to appease her zionist masters. From a cookie baking president's wife to sec/state in ten years, she knows who to suck up to.

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