02 November 2009


You know Palestine is in serious trouble when AIPAC starts praising the Obama Administration.And praise they did, gushing and frothing at the mouth over Clinton’s dismissal of the Illegal Settlement issue. Funny how the “Greatest Democracy” can simply “dismiss” settlements that the world and the UN have deemed as illegal. Never mind, America & Israel makes their own rules. Our readers will note that we reported weeks ago that Netanyahu stated the the “settlement" issue between him and Obama was resolved, and that “anyone who wanted to know more should contact the Whitehouse.” And, strangely enough, days passed and not statement came from the Whitehouse, surprise. So what we have here is a private meeting between Netanyahu's people with the Obama Administration, without ANY Palestinian representation, where the “illegal settlement” issue on Palestinian land was resolved between only two of the three parties, again surprise.......NOT!
"As Secretary Clinton emphasized, at the very moment Israel is taking 'unprecedented' steps to aid the cause of peace -- making greater concessions than any previous Israeli government -- it is Palestinian pre-conditions never heard before and the PA's continual refusal to sit down and negotiate with Israel that are the immediate obstacles to restarting peace talks," said the pro-Israel lobby in a statement.

AIPAC applauds Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who, speaking in Jerusalem on behalf of the Obama Administration, praised the "unprecedented" steps being taken by the Government of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu to restrain settlement activity and bolster the pursuit of peace.
Note to self: send Clinton a free voucher for Specsavers MORE:
For over 60 years Israel has offered its hand in peace, demonstrating again and again their willingness to make real and heartrending sacrifices - altering borders, relinquishing territory, uprooting families and entire communities - in the pursuit of peace.
Note to self: scratch Specsavers, make that a free visit to the Mental Health Foundation. MORE:
In the past few months alone, Israel has taken dramatic steps to improve the everyday lives of Palestinians
Note to self: Add Netanyahu to Mental Health Foundation visit. MORE:
Now it is time -- well past time -- for the Palestinians and Arabs States to heed U.S. calls and match Israel's commitment to peace with actions of their own.
Note to self: if Arab states and Abbas fall for this, add them to the Mental Health Foundation visit AND Specsavers, also make suggestion that they purchase extended coverage Life Insurance before next intifada...........


realistic bird said...

HAHA! You have a talent for this stuff. That fits her perfectly.

I don't think Zionists are mad they are just alien to human thought, aliens exist after all!

Irish4Palestine said...

you are right, there is an alien in the whitehouse i'm certain of it ;o) And there is an entire illegal state of them near where you are. Keep your children inside and doors locked and don't fall asleep, or they could take over........;o)

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