05 November 2009


~GeorgeW. Bush

George W. Bush, got that right. They DO hate Americans because of their freedom.

The freedom to walk freely and not be arrested, kidnapped, detained or interned without Due Process of the Law, the freedom that comes with equality and civil rights, the freedom to get an education, the freedom to travel, the freedom to have clean water, the freedom to own a weapon to protect yourself and family, the freedom of speech and political views, the freedom to voice those views without arrest, the freedom to live free and unencumbered, the freedom to elect your government and then have it recognised worldwide as legitimate.

But most of all “the protection of life, liberty, and property”

Recognize this?
“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”
That is what America is supposed to represent.

However, Israel has forced America to abandon its founding principles for those of Israel instead. Killing the Goldstone report only serves to cement what Arabs and Muslims already think about America. By removing the rule of law for “one” group of people, in order to allow another “group” of people to escape the Law, makes you an accessory to that crime. Instead of proving the American principles of Justice and upholding the Law for “everyone.” America instead has sent a message to Arabs and Muslims that they don’t matter. They are 2nd class lesser people whom cannot expect the law to work for them. Use some common sense please. America “says” it wants “so called radical Muslims” to live by the law and respect the law. That’s what America preaches. However, when a UN body, led by an internationally recognised Judge who dealt with South Africa and was applauded by America, then turns to investigate Israeli war crimes, and America tells the world to pay no attention, forgo the law because Israel can do no wrong. What message does that give to all those Arabs and Muslims who AMERICA just told to respect the Law and work within legal boundaries? Congratulations America, you just told them to forget the law and only violence will work, keep bombing, keep attacking, keep blowing up buildings all over the world. Because when the ONE opportunity for America to uphold the rule of law, to lead by words, deeds and example, it failed MISREABLY!

So whilst Americans enjoy all this “freedom” maybe they should think about the stolen freedoms lost to others, which America supports by enabling Israel to make a mockery the founding principles of America itself. As you read the examples below of what just ONE week is like, living AS a Palestinian, living ON Palestinian land, IN your own country, then ask yourself if you would fight tooth and nail against a foreign oppressor that exists on YOUR soil, taking away ALL your rights, simply because they are armed to their eyeballs with AMERICAN weapons and AMERICAN support and now with even the rule of law stolen from them so Israel can continue to act with Impunity?
Remember as you read below, this all took place in ONE week inside Palestine, at the hands of an illegal Invader that breaks Internatinoal Law, an Illegal Invader that AMERICA supports and protects against prosecution under International Law , THIS IS WHY THEY HATE YOU:
Israeli soldiers detained 16 Palestinians during overnight raids in the West Bank, Israeli media reported on Thursday. link

Landscapers were ordered by Israeli forces to stop planting more than 2,000 trees ordered for part of the project's "Grow for a Greener Palestine" program on Wednesday. The soldiers told workers tree planting was illegal link

An Israeli human rights organization on Thursday filed a petition protesting the swift and forcible deportation of Bethlehem student Berlanty Azzam the day before. Berlanty, a 21-year-old Palestinian from Gaza, was granted permission to travel to the West Bank with the help of the Vatican-affiliated Catholic university. (NOTE: Christians should view the photo of this female non-Muslim student, she is wearing a cross around her neck, she is a Christian, and you thought Israel liked Christians? wise up! They only like the ones who support what they do and give them money! That is, until they are no longer needed, then you'll be discarded like everyone else.)link

Israeli settlers arrogated the home of the Al-Kurd family in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem on Tuesday. 30 settlers were seen entering the house and throwing the family's furniture into the street.link

Israeli bulldozers demolished two Palestinian houses in the Ath-Thuri neighborhood of Jerusalem on Monday. link

An Israeli man was caught by Palestinian security guards at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. Onlookers said a machine gun was strapped to the man's back. link

Israeli forces seized ten Palestinians during overnight raids in the West Bank, while handing out orders for the confiscation of more land. link

Israeli forces shot and injured 18-year-old Muhammad Massa’id in Tubas Friday evening, then took the youth to a detention center despite his injury.link

Israeli soldiers raided a northern West Bank village south of Nablus on Wednesday night, forcing their way into Palestinian houses and detaining a teenager.

According to the mayor of the village of Deir Istiya, Israeli soldiers overran the town, raiding houses. link

Dozens of Israeli military vehicles closed the village of Kfil Haris, north of th West Bank town of Salfit, Thursday as they escorted a group of settlers through the area. link

At the main entrance to Jerusalem's Old City, Damascus Gate, two Palestinians were attacked . Palestinian sources said the attackers were Jewish. link

Right-wing Israeli settlers attacked the Salah family on their way to Friday prayers in a bid to take over their home in the East Jerusalem community of Beit Safafa. link

Israeli authorities ordered three Bedouin families in Jericho on Sunday to leave their land within two days before their homes are bulldozed.link

A Palestinian woman detained in 2005 has spent the last four years in an isolated cell tortured by prison guards. link

Israel prevented the second deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hassan Khreisha, from entering Jordan from the West Bank on his way to Brussels on Monday. link

At least seven Palestinians were detained by Israeli forces in the West Bank on Tuesday. In Hebron four teenagers were detaiend during a search operation in the Al-Aroub Refugee Camp. The raid started at dawn Tuesday morning and lasted hours.

Local sources said that the Israeli forces arrested students Yousif Muhammad Issa Abu Afifa, 14, Jihad Jamal Al-Jundi, 15, Ameer Abdul Gaffar Al-Hamouz, 13, and Muhammad Khaled Ash-Sharif, 17. link

A Palestinian man was critically injured when an Israeli settler’s car struck him near the West Bank city of Qalqiliya on Wednesday night. link

The Israeli military imposed a curfew on the West Bank village of Jayyus, near the city of Qalqiliya. link

Israeli settlers residing in illegal outposts in the heart of Hebron obstructed the work of Palestinian fire fighters on Wednesday night, as crews attempted to access a burning building owned by a Palestinian family.link

Israeli forces detained a 15-year-old from Jericho on Monday morning. The boy was taken to an undisclosed location, residents said.link

Israeli authorities on Thursday handed over orders to Palestinian farmers in the district of Jericho and the Jordan Valley informing them they would have to evacuate within 16 days. link

Israeli police detained a Palestinian teen from his home in the old city of Jerusalem on Wednesday night, after police targeted his parent's home and that of his aunt, searching both buildings. Nasser Qaus, 15, was accused of participating in the demonstrations held at the Al-Aqsa Mosque two weeks ago. link

Israeli forces shot and injured a mentally disabled man in the occupied West Bank on Sunday evening during an arrest raid, Palestinian and Israeli sources said.link

Israeli soldiers raided several houses in villages near the West Bank cities of Jenin early on Thursday morning and also installed temporary military checkpoints, Palestinian security sources said. link

Two children were injured when ordnance left behind by the Israeli military exploded in Al-Bureij Refugee Camp in the central Gaza Strip on Thursday morning. link

Israeli soldiers distributed warnings of house demolitions on Wednesday to three Palestinians from Ad-Dayheh, near the city of Nablus.link

Israeli forces seized a Palestinian near the northern West Bank city of Nablus on Sunday. link

A young man was injured and another detained when Israeli soldiers and settlers attacked Iraq Burin village south of Nablus on Saturday afternoon. link

The Israeli military detained a resident from the Qalandiya Refugee Camp on Wednesday and distributed a number of summons orders from Israeli intelligence, in addition to seizing a resident of Birqin, south of city of Jenin. link

An Israeli judge has announced the establishment of a new military court dealing solely with the sentencing of Palestinian children.link

Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces said on Sunday that they safely dismantled an explosive device left behind by the Israeli army in the village of Al-Mughier, near the West Bank city of Jenin link


Anonymous said...

This is how America was founded, slaughter the natives of the land for the chosen people so of course they are going to support Israel. I was born in America except I am one of the hated groups being non Anglo and all and now I am hated by other countries over these people's cruelty and stupidity I feel absolutely horrible as a human being right now as I cannot even manage to help myself and people here much less others in other countries whom desperately need help

Saladin said...

This is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!


Irish4Palestine said...

Saladin said...
This is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!


06 November, 2009

im not surprised at all, i expected this. abbas is trying to pressure obama.

we will see if he runs, it may be too late now

Saladin said...

I didnt talking about abbas resignation irish,i am talking about the fact that despite abbas is a traitor and a colaborator with israel,people still suport him and want him to stay!!
This is insane IRISH!Whats wrong with the people of the west bank!?

Irish4Palestine said...

few reasons possibly

first he's been there a ling time and he has followers

also, any nutcase can have supporters.

also i am not so sure that this may not be an organised thing, meaning he really does nto want to step down and now is manufacturing a show of support.

one good thing, hamas has siezed upon this opportunity recenty and have been putting themselves forward as the people who can deliver in a peace process, they met with a us delegation recently and that was the message. they are trying to fill the gap and be the ones to deal with the americans, i hope they succeed, gotta run

realisticbird said...

*thumbs up* for the post :)

About Abbas most likely this is a bluff. People like him can't survive without what we call “sulta” meaning being in an official seat because they lose their purpose. What else can he do than be a corrupted official?

Yeah you can't find people like him to shoe their support but from the recent polls I doubt many Palestinians like him or want him.

chuckyman said...

This article really brought the daily struggle of the Palestinian to life for me. I remember the lives we led under the British for so long. It was nothing by comparison. It is the daily grind of terror that they hope will break the will of the people. Israel just doesn’t get it. If these atrocities have not worked after 60 years, they never will. Even the many sheep in the west are starting to see the true face of Israel under the victims mask.

Saladin, we have a saying “he may be an old whore but at least he’s our whore”. That may explain some of it.

Dublin Mick put me on to this article;

I think the point about the use of targeted assassination is very valid. Murder the natural leaders within the community and those that are left will be more easy to intimidate.

Irish4Palestine said...

Cheers Chuckyman, whats the craic what about ya?

"“he may be an old whore but at least he’s our whore”.

LOL well said!

chuckyman said...

I'm doing grand Irish. Took your advice on the C4 dispatches broadcast.

"I would like to applaud C4 and all the dispatches team for their courage in tackling the issue of Israeli lobbying. Finally the 500 elephant in the room can be discussed openly. Top Marks"

We shall see how the program turns out. As I said in my previous post - the mask is spilling.


chuckyman said...

oops - wee typo. I meant 500lb eliphant

realistic bird said...

The truth comes out sooner or later:

"Most of the demonstrators were Fatah members and policemen serving in the PA security forces. Some of those who published the pro-Abbas advertisements said they had been asked by senior PA officials to do so."


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