23 December 2009



Abbas is suffering some sort of withdrawal symptoms as he falls from grace. Once a supporter of Palestinian rights and sovereignty, he's now nothing more than a propped up puppet who fully colludes with Israel and the US in order to secure his dictatorship. See what money and power can do if you don't stick to your core principals? Unable to deal with his dwindling importance, he's constantly in the news blabbing to anyone who will listen, about how "great" he is. Why, he just said today that he "single-handedly" saved Israel from a 3rd Intifada. Wowzer! He's like Superman. Albeit, in his own deluded mind.

He goes on to say that he will NEVER allow the Palestinian people another intifada, no matter what Israel does or what Israel takes, and here's the punchline "As long as he stays in office." Now there's a big fat message to the Americans and Israel, keep me here and I'll do anything you want.. So hand over East Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock, the Al Aqsa Mosque, the rest of the West Bank and Gaza. It's all "up for grabs" because Abbas has effectively told Israel and the US that they can have anything they want. No need for negotiations, no need for peace deal, no need for a Palestinian state because Abbas says Israel can have it all. The problem for Abbas is that when you start negotiations from a point of already having given away the farm, the cattle AND the sheep, you have no where to go, you're already at the bottom. And he's definitely at rock bottom already.
Abbas vows to curb any Palestinian Intifada

Acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas says he prevented a third intifada from breaking out during Israel's deadly offensive against the Gaza Strip in January.

In an interview with New York's Wall Street Journal published on Tuesday, Abbas emphasized that he would not allow another uprising to take place as long as he stays in office.

"I will not allow a new intifada. As long as I'm in office, I will not allow anybody to start a new intifada. Never never."

Abbas' popularity has dipped meaningfully following senior Israeli military officials revealing the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority had called Israel to eliminate the rival Hamas and supported Tel Aviv forces with intelligence.

The UK daily Guardian last Thursday quoted Western officials as saying that Palestinian security agents have been torturing supporters of the Hamas movement in their custody in the West Bank in cooperation with the US Central Intelligence Agency. link