29 December 2009


Earlier we reported that Mubarak's wife offered to allow two busses with a total of 100 marchers into Gaza. This has now been confirmed that 100 of the Code Pink Freedom Marchers are going in on two busses and were picked by country and nationality, among other criteria. They will enter Gaza via Rafah tomorrow on the 30th of December according to the latest information. For how long we do not know. Here are the details:
Just a few hours ago, we heard that Egyptian first lady Suzanne Mubarak had in fact reponded to a letter delivered to her by the women's affinity group. The Egyptian government has allowed us to send 100 people on two buses into Gaza tomorrow, with as much of the aid as we can assemble given the extremely short notice.

The 100 people going were selected by proportional representation from as many different countries as we could muster. I am not among them, nor was I expecting to be. Personally, I would much rather those seats go to Palestinians who have family in Gaza (who are among us) and those who have not yet had the wonderful experience of traveling there. source