29 December 2009

OBAMA CONDEMNS................

Let’s play a new game called “Obama Condemns Suppression of Innocent Citizens” See if you can pick the country he is referring to. Ready? Here we go….

Obama recently said the following three statements:

Obama said "iron fist of brutality" had been used to silence protesters, calling the actions of officials an "unjust suppression".

1. Was his comment regarding the “suppression” by the Egyptian Government at US and international peace marchers, consisting of house arrests, beatings, removal of internet access, or the threats aimed at Egyptian students who wanted to protest with the marchers? Nah, all that type of “suppression” is “ok” with Obama.

2. Was Obama’s statement directed at Israel for revoking a permit obtained by Arab students at an Israeli University who wanted to exert their right to free speech and protest on the anniversary of Cast Lead Genocide? Nope, any suppression Israel uses is “ok” with Obama.

3. So, that leaves Iran. And yup, you guessed it. Iran is no lackey, I mean "friend" to America, so whatever their government does is immediately condemned. Never mind that if those types of protests (fuelled by a foreign presence) broke out within the USA, I’m quite certain Obama would allow that type of destruction and up-rising, let’s say right outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Yeah right. And let’s all ignore the oppression and suppression taking place right now inside Egypt and Israel.


Obama said: "The United States joins with the international community in strongly condemning the violent and unjust suppression of innocent citizens."

1. Was his statement directed at Egypt for threatening Egyptian students who wanted to show solidarity with Palestine and the Gaza Freedom Marchers? Or the threats made to hundreds of international peace activists when they were told they could be arrested if they gathered in groups larger than six, or carried a sign? Nope, it’s Egypt, and they are helping Israel, so never mind about human rights because it’s being done for Israel and that makes it all “ok”

2. So, is his statement directed at Israel for its ethnic cleansing policies, it’s kidnapping and internment of hundreds of Palestinians and Arabs? The weekly house demolitions against Palestinians, The weekly evictions of Palestinians, the burning and destruction of Palestinians farms and land, the beatings, the murders by illegal settlers on stolen land? Nope, sorry, again this is Israel and so that makes it ALL “ok” for Obama.

3. So that leaves poor Iran again. They are just supposed to let chaos and violence ensure and allow protestors to set fires and destroy property and bring down the government that the majority of people still support. Never mind about Egypt and Israel, that type of suppression is allowed and encouraged by Obama.


Obama said: "The United States stands with those who seek their universal rights," he said, adding that his government wanted to see all those "unjustly detained" freed immediately.

1. Ok, surely this is directed at Israel for the illegal detention and internment without trail of hundreds of Palestinians, right? Wrong-o, have you not been paying attention? Its Israel, so it’s encouraged and allowed and supported, and DEFINITELY never mentioned, and neither are Israel’s nukes. Shhhhhh, don’t mention Vanunu or his recent re-arrest or the nukes!

2. Right then, so this must be directed at Egypt for detaining 38 peace activists under house arrest in two locations. Right? Wrong again, because this again has to do with Israel’s wishes and at its behest. So again this type of oppression is encouraged, allowed and totally ignored by Obama.

3. Yes, you guessed right, it’s directed at Iran, as usual, who are only trying to protect themselves from the unrest being encouraged, nurtured and funded by the US/Israel and England. Go figure………..It’s getting to the point where a Democratically elected Government is refused recognition by the US and becomes a target for overthrow using any means. With Hamas, it’s Israel’s genocide being allowed, encouraged and assisted by the US. With Iran’s Ahmadinejad, another democratically elected government, it’s again the same players, US, Israel, and an additional tag team player, Britain.