28 December 2009


What's that you say Olmert old buddy, old pal. best friend? You want I should stop those pesky marchers and that Galloway Convoy from focusing world attention on your war crimes? Okee Dokee, you got it buddy! Anything for you

Egypt attempts to stop foreigners from standing outside their OWN Embassies……..

Hey Mubarak, your fear and paranoia is showing, not to mention your collaboration with Israel against Arabs and Muslims.Here’s a little irony; While Americans focus their self righteous outrage on Iran, calling for democracy, supporting the right to protest and gather against "oppressive governments." I find it “amusing” that we hear not one peep from America about the SAME tactics being used by Egypt against not ONLY Egyptian Students, but ALSO Americans and many other nationalities currently experiencing the “Special Egyptian/Israeli Hospitality” Go figure……..Nah, never mind answered mi own question there, you see, where Egypt is concerned it’s all at the behest of Israel, so all that heavy handedness is encouraged and absolutely allowed. America welcomes it, even against its own citizens. Whereas in Iran, it’s all different, isn’t it? Oh, sorry no it’s not different in Iran because Israel and America are behind the violence there as well. So I guess that makes Egypt equal to Iran, where US/Israel meddling is concerned. There, now I feel much better.

So, we already know the Naz-esque tactics Egypt is meting out to groups of marchers from around the world, not to mention the aggression and threats directed to Egyptian students who dared to show solidarity with the marchers AND Palestine. From Egyptian spies infiltrating the groups of marchers, to house arrest, restricting Internet access, restricting free movement within Egypt, not allowing foreigners to meet in groups larger than 6 people, massive police and military presences, threatening marchers, and the removal of basic civil rights and lastly beatings. But now they go one step further and are now attempting to prevent people from standing in front of their own embassy? Seriously Egypt WTF? Are you THAT much under the control of your masters Israel? What an absolute disgrace you are to the Arab world. Here’s the latest Nazi-esque Tactics:
linkThose activists did not respect their commitment as they entered Egypt with tourist visas and carried out political activism by organizing a march (Hey America, don't say ONE word about Iran..........EVER!)
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

Zaki said that the activists were notified in advance that the march would be prohibited but they stood on the sidewalk in front of the French embassy, adding that Egyptian security forces are now there to secure the area.
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)
Standing in front of YOUR own countries Embassy is now verboten!!

Punishing Egyptian students and threatening them AND the marchers,placing people under house arrest, restricting travel within Egypt, the government cancelling bus contracts and business arrangements made by Americans.And just look at the Egyptian/Israeli effort that went into attempting to stop the marchers:
link We have obviously accomplished our objective. The jailers have taken notice and are running scared. So scared that we not only have been denied entry into Gaza, we have been threatened with arrest and deportation if we so much as carry a sign or gather in groups of more than six.
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

Our reservation with a facility in downtown Cairo for an orientation meeting for delegates was cancelled at the government’s order and requests to hold educational workshops instead were refused.
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

In an even more audacious move that was aided and abetted by participants’ own governments, consulate representatives were called to a meeting and apparently instructed to warn their residents not to come.
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

In Spain, that warning was echoed in a news release. In Canada, individuals registered for the march or who had participated in past delegations received emails from their embassies. In Portugal, one marcher was called on his personal cell phone!
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

As I write this, we are still being refused entry to Gaza, and even permission to travel to Al-Arish and Rafah.
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

Thirty-eight of our marchers tried to get to Al Arish on their own, but 30 were then put under house arrest in their hotel and eight were detained at the bus station.
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

When the legal support group held a candlelight vigil, they were surrounded by a phalanx of heavily armed Egyptian police.
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

Two marchers said they were beaten when they tried to join their comrades.
(Sieg Heil Mubarak!)

Meanwhile, when marchers tried to (peacefully) commemorate the Israeli invasion of Gaza (exactly one year ago today) by tying hundreds of strings with notes, poems, art and the names of 1,400 killed to the Kasr Al Nil Bridge , the security police broke it up. (Sieg Heil Mubarak!)
Seriously Egypt SHAME ON YOU!

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Saladin said...

Gaza activists detained at US Embassy in Cairo:

........"Another activist, Gael Murphy, said in a statement that she believed US Embassy staff asked Egyptian security to detain the americans."........


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