29 December 2009


Hat tip to our friend, you know who you are:) Yesterday we reported there was a rumour on twitter regarding the Viva Palestina Convoy being fired upon, however there was no verification of this anywhere. Today I have had this sent to me from a member of the convoy’s blog. So there is some merit to this rumour:
link yesterday we did a rather amateurish protest and hired two boats to take us out towards the Isreali coast and Eilat to display our banners towards the tourists on the corniche at Eilat. The ISrealis seemed to know about the plan as they started firing heavy ordinance down the red sea from a battleship - 10 huge booms directed down the red sea. We all agree that there are informers in the convoy and everyone takes this as a given - but given that the plan was only hatched a couple of hours before we did it, their communication is far better than ours. Other action included the start of the hunger strike and a group climbing the nearby mountain at 5.30 am to hang a paletinian flag (which you can just see from the town).