16 December 2009


So, they’re all in a dither over the almost arrest of the war criminal Tzipi Livni. I thought I’d just remind people of a meeting she had with another War Criminal during the Gaza holocaust, which Livni helped conduct and defend. She was in Cairo meeting with the American war monger, Condoleezza Rice. The Washington Press Corp were there, remember them?? Remember when they actually asked pertinent and relevant questions? I digress......... So, When reporters dared to speak out over her actions and war crimes, (of course since then American journalists have been sent to re-education concentration camps) well, I can tell you those journalists didn’t last long in the press corps after they dared question Livni on Gaza. They were “removed” from the room in order to protect the criminal, by her American criminal counterpart, Rice. What is striking in this article below is that Livni does not get upset when confronted by journalists over the deaths of the innocent civilians and children in Gaza, but what she does get upset about is a question about the "then" upcoming elections where she hoped to beat Netanyahu. Only in the mind of a Zionist can an election question illicit more anger than the deaths of hundreds of children. Go figure:
Smiling after signing an anti-smuggling deal with US Secretary of State Condoleezza, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was denounced by journalists as a "terrorist" and "murderer" of Palestinian children, reported the Yediot Aharonot on Saturday, January 17.

"Since when are terrorists accommodated here," one journalist asked at a press conference at the Washington Press Club on Friday.

The journalist started quoting a Human Rights report on the situation in Gaza, before asking Livni to comment on the murder of innocent civilians in Gaza.

"You let her speak here and don't let us ask questions," the journalist yelled when he was prevented from completing his questions to Livni, before being removed from the microphone(and then taken to the re-education concentration camp) More:

Another journalist compared the Israeli government to the authoritarian regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

"What, are you like Zimbabwe?" another reporter asked Livni.

Livni, however, remained cool, repeating claims that Israel was trying to avoid killing civilians during its attacks in Gaza.

At least 1200 people have been killed, including 355 children and 108 women, have been killed since Israel launched a deadly offensive in Gaza on December 27.
More than 5300 others, including 1,800 children, have been wounded.

The Israeli minister only lost temper when she was asked by an Al-Jazeera reporter that if her visit to the US was part of her election campaign. (I rest my case, war criminal and enjoying every second of it!)