30 December 2009


According to the latest statistics on Israel’s population, it would appear they have a little more work to do before they succeed in ethnically cleansing all non-Jews from their midst.
link Israel's population is about 7,509,000 residents as of the end of 2009 according to figures published by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The figures show that 75.4% of the Israeli population is Jewish, 20.3% is Arab, and 4.3% is defined as "other"
Never mind, Israel is working hard in Jerusalem and the West Bank to expand and take total control of the entire region. And of course America and other countries are helping in this regard. Zionist state welcomes more:
link The final Nefesh B’Nefesh flight of the year 2009 landed in Ben Gurion International Airport The 210 capped off the approximately 3,800 new immigrants who arrived in Israel from North America in 2009 – an increase of approximately 17 percent over the previous year.
Now if they can just get rid of that pesky 20.3% of Arabs, and they’re working hard at this:
link Israel to build 700 new homes in East Jerusalem
Building will take place in three Jewish neighbourhoods all considered illegal settlements under international law

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