30 December 2009


Another update, definitely confirmed now by our friend on the March. The buses are on the way with 100 marchers. Our source is not one of the 100 going to Gaza sadly, but will remain in Cairo and continue activities there. More updates as I get them.

UPDATED, the post below may be a moot point now,I'm now hearing that the buses with 100 marchers left this morning at 11:30 for the Rafah border it now appears.
link They left at 11.30 am today. GFM are putting out a statement later today.
Also Alarab is reporting this as well.

original post from earlier this morning is below, now outdated but illustrates the chaos the marchers are going through:
We reported yesterday that 100 are going into Gaza. Evidently there has been more discussion and it now appears as of 9AM GMT in an email we received from a participant, that there has been a new decision:
New update on CodePink
Either we all come or none :)
It appears this is now a fluid situation. I would encourage the Marchers to re-consider and send the 100 or as many as they can. Here's why:

1. First and foremost; The reason for going in the first place is to break the siege, and 100 marchers CAN break the siege. just as well as 1300.

2. Most Important Reason: This "Divide and Conquer" strategy by Egyptians is always used. It was used on the Hope Convoy in May 2009 and they were reduced to accepting that only 22 would get in, and this was after weeks of negotiations regarding the vehicles, the boats used, the travel route, the cargo removal and finally ending AT the Rafah Border.. Egypt does this to create division and anger among the participants, to turn people against each other using the hurt feelings of those who cannot go, against those who either were picked to go, or against those who make the decision regarding who will go. Now, by refusing to go unless ALL can go, you are giving the Egyptians exactly what they hope for. They will say they offered entry and it was refused. Which, is a factual statement, albeit the offer was for 100, it was still an offer, and Egypt will flaunt this to it's benefit.

3. Personal documentation, via videos and personal eye witness reports can be made of the Anniversary march from inside Gaza by the 100 who get in, and this can be viewed all over the Internet. Much better option than depending on Presstv or Aljazeera to report anything of substance. Marchers would control what is seen and reported to the world. That is important.

4. Additionally it would really give those inside Gaza a boost to at least see 100 marchers, whilst knowing there are 1200 more outside denied entry.

This blog summed it up best:
The deciding factor for me is what the organizers in Gaza want, and they want this group to come to Gaza. I understand all the objections to accepting a small offer, but everything else is secondary. It is essential however that the protests continue and the demand that all Gaza Freedom Marchers be allowed to travel.