07 January 2010


some more news to report which I forgot to post earlier. As you all know the boys arrived last night and three of them, Eanna, JJ and Eddie, were interviewed (video in earlier post today HERE). Derek was absent. Why? Because he was suffering from food poisoning and ultimately ended up in hospital in Gaza! He's been released today and has now re-joined the other boys and is finally enjoying himself along with everyone else in Gaza city tonight. What a trip for them, left Derry on 4th December, drove through all those countries, had to turn around and go back again, then they were on the plane that had the engine malfunction (that would have ended it for me right there! LOL) then they got BACK on that same plane and arrived in Al Arish, then came under attack with stones, tear gas, sticks and batons, lost their phones, were unaccounted for whilst we all were in a panic here, then finally arrive in Gaza and poor Derek takes ill. You couldn't make this stuff up could you.


chuckyman said...

It just goes to show that the Irish are a hardy lot.


Irish4Palestine said...

Yur not kidding there chucky:) NOt sure I could'av gotten back on the plane though LOL facing the brits is one thing, broken plane is another kettle of fish LOL

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, the plane issue would of been the test of courage for me as well....I am so happy that they are all safe and sound and can't wait to hear more news here.

Irish4Palestine said...

Agreed, something about being at the mercy of a thing that flies of which you have no control what so ever, and a broken one at that! LOL They're better men then me for sure LOL

trev said...

"came under attack with stones, tear gas, sticks and batons,"

what a journey ,cant even imagine half of it ,but im guessing the lads from derry weren't to fazed by the Egyption "riot".

i bet they were thinking you guys have gotta do better than this if you want to stop us getting to gaza.

egyptian paid thugs are lightweights match them number by number to a few irish kids and i bet the irish will have routed mubaraks paid lackies in an hour or so..

lets hope viva Palestinia is able to set a precedent ,instead of waiting for our gutless so called elected leaders to do something ,a grassroot movement can take things into their own hands.

i only ever heard of sin fein leaders urging egypt not to harras its citizens and allow them entry in to gaza. british politricksters from all parties were mum concerning british citizens.

thanks for all the updates Irish for palestine your blog has been invaluable whilst following the convoys progress.

as for it not looking good for gazans ,they can only prolong the inevitable , gaza will be free along with the rest of palestine one day.

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