07 January 2010


New message from JJ of the Derry to Gaza team:
I can confirm that we are in Gaza!!!! We arrived last night and will leave tomorrow morning, that’s all the Egyptians, have allowed us. But being here and breaking the siege, and exposing the ugly face of the Israeli-Egyptian partnership has been a massive victory for the people of Palestine and anyone involved in this. The people of Gaza have treated us like Kings, yet they are the Kings in all of this!
Also Derek did an interview on a local Derry radio station today. You can hear it at THIS link, but slide to the 25:31 minute mark, that’s where it begins. In more convoy news, one of our Irish boys from Cork was hit in the head with a stone and required stitches at Al Arish:
TWELVE Irish people have been caught up in violence between Egyptian police and members of a convoy bringing humanitarian aid destined for Gaza, with their families concerned that they are entering "a war zone".

One member of the Viva Palestina Aid Convoy, David Curran from Cork, received minor head wounds when hit in the head with a rock after clashes between the Egyptian authorities and members of the group at the Egyptian port of El Arish. Mr Curran required six stitches in a head wound.

Yesterday the convoy, comprising 517 people from 25 countries, was allowed access to Gaza through Rafah, but they had to proceed without the 59 vehicles for which the Egyptian authorities had refused permission to proceed. Also in the convoy are Cork women Caoimhe Butterly and Kate O’Sullivan.source


Anonymous said...

Well....that is some good news, Just good to finally hear some good news on the situation. still a long road ahead. Just glad everybody is ok.

Irish4Palestine said...

thank you:)

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