07 January 2010


I think even those most supportive Obama-bots surely must now be wondering what happened to their bringer of “hope and change.” As the Kool-Aid wears off, and reality sets in, I think we can all see what is taking place in the Whitehouse.

Obama began with such high hopes. Not only in America, but around the world. And that second statement is the one that will cause America even more problems. Giving false hope to a world weary of manufactured phoney wars on terror is one thing. But, giving hope to Muslims around the world who have been demonized for the last 10 years is quite another. They won’t be so easily forgiving, nor will they hold any trust whatsoever that America can ever change it’s neocon warring ways.

Obama started with a small amount of intestinal fortitude by making a somewhat hard-line stance towards Israel’s aggression, settlements and refusal to make peace. And whilst this lasted for a no more than 2 months. Soon after, the first sign of trouble emerged. From the AIPAC Zionist take down of Charles Freeman, to the AIPAC spy scandal involving Jane Harman and Nancy Pelosi, among others, we have seen a steady and rapid descent in any criticism of Israel. Then came the Goldstone report, where America once again embarrassed itself to the world, by not only arm twisting other nations to help smear a well respected Jewish man, Richard Goldstone and his report. Then there was the not so surprising, no hope, no change, vote in the American congress to reject and condemn the Goldstone report. The vote? 344 to 36. Now if that is not a clear illustration of the strangle hold the Zionist lobby has on American politicians, I don’t know what is. One wonders if those 36 who dared to be outside the fold stand a snowballs chance in Hell of being re-elected. They will be on the AIPAC hit list now. Free thinkers who work for America are not allowed to operate within American government. The fact that a once democratic country, is now run by a foreign presence, speaks volumes for the future of Americans and America itself.

Clearly the same people who were pushing the “agenda” under the Bush years, are still at the controls, just working for a prettier smiling more eloquent face now. We have not seen a rollback of the Bush Agenda and war against Islam and Muslims. In fact we have seen not only a continuation, but resurgence. The continued allowing of Israel to act with impunity, the supporting of ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem and all other lands Israel has on its list, the support for war criminals over International Law is startling enough from this “man of hope and change.” But even that is small in comparison to the over all world picture. The meddling in Iran’s elections, the continued involvement in attempting a colourful overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected government is frightening. The world was outraged and shocked when Bush stole the election from Al Gore, yet the world never began a campaign to overthrow Bush, or invade America if it did not hand over the Presidency to Gore. Why is this justified for Iran? American duplicity once again.

And what of Obamas continued push for war, not only directed at Iran (at Israelis behest) what happened to the man who said he would talk to America’s enemies without any preconditions? And now we have Yemen. Add that to Afghanistan, Iraq and the soon to be re-invasion of Gaza by Israel with American support and assistance.

The picture is clear, the Egyptian wall, the unrelenting siege, the war games Israel is playing now getting ready for a new invasion to this time occupy Gaza and hand it over to those who work with Israel, Mr, Abbas and his corrupt American puppet government under General Dayton, a man appointed by Bush and kept there by Obama. And this upcoming invasion into Gaza, what else is it? Why a good practice run for a possible upcoming war on Iran. Practice makes perfect you know. Never mind how many Muslims are murdered.

Today I see a very bleak picture. With Obama’s approval ratings in the basement and heading for somewhere underground. No chance of him standing up to Israel or the war mongers within America, not if he wants to have even a remote chance of re-election. All those cross over voters, Republican lites and independents, won’t be voting for him again. And what of the Democrats themselves? No harmony there either, judging from the fiasco of Obama’s healthcare package war and ultimate watered down approval.

Obama is now running for re-election. He’s got to morph into George W. now if he stands any chance of being more than a one term President. With Clinton and other right of centre Dems on his coattails and the Repugs foaming at the mouth, this is what will shape the path of Obama’s decision making now.

Obama’s biggest mistake was not focusing on the middle east and standing up to Israel early on, forcing them to do the deed and make peace early enough in his term as President, so he’d have enough time to recover from the Zionist AIPAC fallout and then use the Peace Deal as a victory and proof of his election promises to then focus on his next run for election. Obama has left it far too late for this term in office. Now any peace deal can only be one that Israel wants, no matter how badly the result is for Palestinians. We are witnessing Obama’s desperate attempt to save his own arse, at any cost.


trev said...

great article.

"We are witnessing Obama’s desperate attempt to save his own arse, at any cost"

so true, here across the ocean we see the same ass saving measures going on.
our attorney general has deciding to change the law so we cant indict any more war criminals

on the plus side , we will soon be able to hold a worldwide convention for war criminals to get together and exchange pleasent stories on how they do it in thier countries..without fear of any kind of justice being served.

Irish4Palestine said...

Cheers Trev, it's a sad thing is it not? Not looking good for the world OR Gaza.

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