24 February 2010


Israel is reconsidering its "fake Democracy" portrayed to the world. You know the one they like to point to as being “all inclusive” because, as they like to tell everyone, the Knesset “even” includes “Arab” elected members? Imagine that!! Arabs that get elected are allowed to be in government, what will they think of next.... But trouble looms for the Propaganda State, as it now seems the “so called” inclusive Democracy is now causing the Jewish members much strife and anger. And, they are not happy with how it’s working recently. Why? Because those damned elected Arab members are starting to get out of hand, starting to say things, starting to think they have the right to speak, starting to act like they are equal to Jewish politicians. More after this:
link An Arab member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, yesterday accused the Mossad of carrying out a mafia-style hit, after his request for a parliamentary debate on the Dubai assassination was refused.

A stormy exchange took place between Arab and Jewish legislators in the Knesset House committee after the parliament’s presidency rejected the request by Arab Knesset member Taleb A-Sana for a debate in the plenum on last month’s assassination of Hamas militant Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

Mr A-Sana, (who just happens to be a lawyer no less, how's that for being an uppity Arab!) from the United Arab List party, argued that the Knesset should discuss the issue because there was no doubt it was of public concern.

“Is assassinating in another country using mafia methods a victory? It was an act of terror. They were caught red-handed in Dubai,” Mr A-Sana said. “Every movement, including the glasses, was captured. Whoever is behind this should be prosecuted.”

Fellow United Arab List Knesset member Ahmed Tibi told the committee that the real hero of the affair was the Dubai police chief who exposed the use of foreign passports by the alleged perpetrators.

Jewish members reacted angrily to the accusations from their Arab colleagues, calling Mr Tibi “Dubai’s ambassador to Israel.”
Oh my, we can’t have that now can we? Time to teach those uppity Arabs a lesson or two, knock them down a peg or two, force them back to where they belong, at the back of the Zionist bus. They’re not supposed to actually have opinions or raise such issues, they’re supposed to just sit there and look like happy little propaganda token Arabs in the so called “inclusive” democracy, so that Israel can spread this myth around the globe. This plan is now failing miserably, as the native 2nd class citizens are no longer happy merely being seen and not heard. So the Zionists swing into action, they can no longer contain their racism, no longer contain their hatred for Arabs, no longer willing to pretend to accept democratically elected Arabs as “pretend equals.” The jig is up and they have an answer. The answer? To exclude these “Arab” parties from the Knesset.
We Must Do Something About Arab Parties!

MK Yariv Levin, chairman of the Knesset Committee, said after a parliamentary discussion on the elimination of Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, that "Arab MK's are attempting to turn the Knesset into a platform for anti-Israel propaganda. We prevented this today, and we will continue to prevent it," he said.
Witness Israel's version of "Democracy":
"We must make a serious decision on whether or not these parties can continue to sit in the Israeli parliament, even while they operate against the country," Levin said.
Israel a Democracy? ROFLMAO
More like a Racist Rogue State.............