16 February 2010


Or what I like to call "WWAD" if it were Iran…..keep reading.

Over a week ago I wrote about the Israeli scum who entered Dubai to commit murder using what I said than would turn out to be FAKE Irish passports, and I was right! First this, then more:
The assassins of senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was found dead January 20 in Dubai, traveled to the Gulf country using Irish passports.

Up to seven people were said to have been involved in Mabhouh's killing, four of whom used Irish passports to enter Dubai
And so now it turns out that that the Irish government says they were completely and utterly fake.
link In Dublin, Ireland's department of foreign affairs said it could not find the three suspects in passport records and the numbers listed were counterfeit because they had the incorrect number of digits and contained no letters.
Additionally Britain says their passports were fake also. So after reading this eye opening article below, I have a question and suggestion to follow:
link Seven of 11 suspects named by Dubai in the slaying of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh last month were said to live in Israel, suggesting the Mossad had committed a major blunder, if it turned out that Israel was indeed involved in the attack.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas has blamed Israel for the assassination that took place in a luxury hotel in the Gulf emirate, and Dubai police have said they could not rule out Israeli involvement. Israel has declined to comment.


Dubai said it issued international arrest warrants for all suspects, who also include German and French passport holders. A government source said six other people, not yet identified, were also believed to be involved.

As the mystery over suspects' identities deepened, Britain and Ireland said they believed British and Irish passports which Dubai alleged were used by members of the hit squad -- whose photographs were released by the emirate -- were fake.

Hit squads dispatched by Israel's Mossad spy agency have used foreign passports in the past, notably in 1997 when agents entered Jordan on Canadian passports and bungled an attempt to kill Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal with poison.

In the most recent publicized case linking the Mossad to foreign identity papers, two suspected Israeli agents were jailed in New Zealand in 2005 for obtaining that country's passports illegally.

In 1987, Britain protested to Israel about what London called the misuse by Israeli authorities of forged British passports and said it received assurances steps had been taken to prevent future occurrences.
So here’s my question to the world, what if this were Iran? What if Iranians, scurried into some country, murdered someone using fake American passports, then got away. WWAD, that stands for “What Would America Do” Why immediately call sanctions, perhaps invade, run to the UN and cry, call for a world wide tightening of security for anyone traveling with an Iranian passport, enact border checks of all foreign Iranian looking people, and so on….

And now here’s my suggestion to the world: It’s time to step up to the plate here and start looking closely at people with Israeli passports and Israelis with dual citizenship. At airports Israelis should be scrutinized and double checked before entry. If Israel is going to “use” the good names of countries like Ireland to commit murder, then they do not deserve entry into Ireland, which is a neutral country. Until Israel stops all criminal activity and apologizes to Ireland then all Israelis should be banned from entry and the Embassy closed down. It’s time for countries to outlaw dual citizenship with Israel. If you want to live in Israel then you become an Israeli citizen and give up your former country, end of. If you want to lay down with Israeli dogs, then enjoy the fleas.