28 March 2010


How many times have I started a post by saying this sentence: "Israel never ceases to amaze me?" But it's just SO true. The lengths and breadth Zionists will go to in order to give the "appearance" of being humane, or human............. Is truly deserving of a Hollywood Oscar.

So we all saw the "hasbara" operation in Haiti, Israel to the rescue, look how nice we are, helping the poor dark skinned people in Haiti, whilst murdering, de-homing and ethnically cleansing the dark skinned people in Jerusalem and Palestine.

But now the Zionists have moved on, to yet another "hasbara moment" this time it's about animal welfare. Yup, Israel is to become the first "fur free" country, because they love furry little animals and all mankind. And, as added benefit, according to Zionists, this will show the world how nice they are:
link The campaign began when an Israeli news station reported that much of the “fake” fur being imported from China was, in fact, made from the pelts of cats and dogs. Since then it has mushroomed into an effort to make Israel the first fur-free state. Mr Rotbart added that the move would give the country much-needed positive publicity, after a year in which it was criticised in a UN report for alleged war crimes.
And here it comes, the big "hasbara" moment:
“We’d have something more humane to show the world,” he said.
How insane is that? Because in fact, Israel has done the exact opposite. Instead of people viewing them as "wonderful humane" people. They will be seen for what they are. Opportunistic Zionists, continually looking for any worthy cause to "use" in a vain attempt to rehabilitate their rotten image in the world. Instead of viewing these actions as "positive publicity" people will instead wonder why they make a fuss about the fur of animals whilst they have no morals about killing or ethnically cleansing their fellow human beings.

Moral of the story is that in Israel, one dog or cat is worth more than all the dead or homeless Palestinians....................