12 March 2010


Well I have to hand it to Israel for this one. Not ONLY is this a "Hasbara Mission Extraordinaire" to help repair the horrendous image of Israel, but at the SAME time Israel gets paid for it, by America of course....

As if America is not already entrenched up to their eyeballs, what with AIPAC, ADL, Israeli Spies, Illegal Organ Trading Rabbis ripping off Americans, and yet more Rabbis, this time from inside Israel, where they were swindling elderly Americans out of their money in a fake lottery scam.

If that's not enough, now Israel wants to start entering into US healthcare. Pretty soon, your wee granny will be under the care of Israel:
link The CEO of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, a prominent New York nursing home, visited Israel last month in hopes of including local companies in a business venture he thinks will ultimately benefit Israel’s public image.

The Hebrew Home, which has been awarded special legislation by the state of New York to carry out a new cost-savings health-care project as part of the state’s Managed Long-Term Care, is hoping to make Israeli companies the focal point.

Dan Reingold, CEO of the Hebrew Home, met with leading technology companies and government officials in an attempt to utilize Israeli innovations for the project, whose goal is to make use of a state grant of $3,600 per month per resident to provide for health-care needs

“This is an opportunity not only to create or modify existing technology, but also to make sure that people in the U.S. know about the humanitarian side of Israel,” Reingold said.

“As Zionists,” he said, “we start with the humanitarian side; we took the mission to Haiti for granted because we knew Israel would be there.

Among the ideas discussed at the meetings were a joint venture to develop and invest in young Israeli entrepreneurs working in research and development of tele-medical care, and a partnership with the Israeli government to conduct an international health-care conference