26 April 2010


The threat is not from Islam, or Iran, it's homegrown. And don't even get me started about those lunatic teabaggers, who have associated Ireland's favorite drink, tea, with terrorism and neocon nutjobs:
link Joseph McVey, 23, was seen carrying a gun as he got out of a vehicle in a rental car return bay at the airport where the president was departing.

Police say he was stopped before he came anywhere near the presidential plane or Mr Obama.

Both airport police officers and the Secret Service questioned McVey before he was taken into custody.

He told police he had heard the president was in town and wanted to see him, Officer Kaleb Rice said.

McVey's car was equipped with police gear including a siren, flashing lights, a mounted digital camera in the front window and four large antennas, police Captain Kevan Smith said.

An investigation has been launched into what McVey was doing with a gun and why his car was kitted out with police equipment when he does not work in law enforcement.

The arrest came after Mr Obama had attended a ceremony in West Virginia where he paid tribute to the 29 miners killed in a coal mine blast on April 5.
I'd say some American house keeping is in order before they start lecturing others about "terrorism"