26 April 2010


Let's look at how mentally ill Israelis who attempt to cross borders into other countries are dealt with in their home of Israel vs the neighbouring country of Egypt.

First Egypt:
link Cairo, Egypt (AHN) - Police in Egypt on Sunday arrested an Israeli man who swam illegally into Egyptian territorial waters. The swimmer a resident of Eilat has a history of mental illness. This was his second time caught sneaking across the waters.
The man was arrested and dealt with in a humanitarian fashion acceptable to the entire world. Now let's look at Israel, shall we?And remember, this is an Israeli citizen, inside Israel:
link The Israel Defense Forces and Defense Ministry security guards shot and killed an Israeli civilian before dawn Monday as he tried to cross the border into Gaza at the Erez border crossing.

The statement added that the man was an Israeli citizen and was "alleged to be mentally ill". It said he died of his wounds in hospital.

Israel bans all its citizens from going to Gaza.
At least you stand a chance of living if you are mentally ill in Egypt, whereas in Israel, mentally ill or not, if you try to leave Israel to go to Gaza you will be shot.

Now tell me what a great country Israel is compared to Egypt