26 April 2010


I read this interesting take on what Israel's recent actions regarding Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iran "might" be. Whilst the author puts forth a fair enough assessment, and perhaps in the end, it may prove correct. I have other thoughts. First this:
link What lies behind Israel’s shrill war propaganda? Israel does not want any of its neighbours to be in a position to defend itself. That is why it has made such a fuss over the alleged delivery of missiles to Hezbollah. It wants to be able to hit, but never to be hit back. Israeli leaders have not hesitated to stoke the fires of war, notes Patrick Seale.
But why suddenly is Israel ramping up the hasbara, hype, and words of war? With Israel taunting everyone around it, trying to provoke a reaction from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, one article (above and continuing below) asks the questions “Is Israel plotting to attack the Arab World?” Maybe, but I have other thoughts on this.

A more sinister take could be this scenario: What if Israel is trying to provoke some sort of a war with Lebanon and Syria, not because they really want to attack them, but rather using this as a backdoor approach to attack Iran. With the US and everyone else calling for Israel to back off with it’s ad nauseum requests to attack Iran over non existent Nuke. This when Israel has 200 of them! What better way to get what it wants than to attack Iran’s friends so that Iran gives them support, or Israel makes up some phony story involving Iran assisting by some means Syria and Lebanon. Let us not forget the prior attempts that proved how Israel lies like a rug about Iran and Lebanon. Read about those prior attempts here.

Fabricating a war against Syria, Lebanon and even throwing Gaza in again, just for fun, would certainly provoke an action from someone. This then allows Israel an excuse to attack Iran. Even if the US and others are against this, Israel will proceed, as usual, with zero regards for world opinion or international law. Then, when it is all over Israel will fabricate some story to support their murdering actions. This is prefect logic in my humble opinion. It’s how Israel operates; it never accepts the word “no” on anything it wants. It only supports the use of the word “no” when used in the context of supporting” peace.” Now that I have put forth another point to consider, here's the rest of the original article:
There is no denying the mood of acute anxiety in the Middle East: Many fear that war could break out this summer. The scenario most often evoked is that of another Israeli assault on Lebanon -- an expanded version of the 2006 attack -- which this time could grow into a wider conflict, dragging in Syria, and even Iran, as well.

Jordan’s King Abdullah has warned of the danger of a regional war, while the Lebanese Druze leader, Walid Junblat, has said that Israel was waiting for the right conditions to attack the Arab world.

Certainly, Israeli leaders have not hesitated to stoke the fires of war. President Shimon Peres -- Israel’s wolf in sheep’s clothing -- heightened regional tensions this month by publicly accusing Syria of delivering SCUD missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon -- an accusation so far unproved, but which has earned Syria a sharp rebuke from Washington.

An unnamed Israeli minister was quoted by Britain’s Sunday Times as saying that, if Hezbollah dared to launch a missile at Israel, “we will return Syria to the Stone Age -- crippling its power stations, ports, fuel storage and every bit of strategic infrastructure.” So much for good-neighbourly sentiments!

Peres has also issued a dark warning to Iran of Israel’s military “capabilities” -- drawing an expression of regret for such arrogant belligerence from the left-leaning newspaper Haaretz. Needless to say, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, like Peres himself, never misses an opportunity to demonize Iran, portraying the Islamic Republic as a deadly threat, not only to Israel but to the whole world. Netanyahu has repeatedly hinted that, if the United Sates failed to halt Iran’s nuclear program, Israel would have to do the job itself.