05 April 2010

The Trouble with Slaves

The land of stolen milk and honey, the desert in bloom, due to stolen water resources, the big shiny new buildings, the filled produce shops so that Israelis can eat until they burst. All of this labour intensive work comes at a price, a slave price. Whilst fat well fed Israelis refuse the hard labour jobs which they deem "below them" the Palestinians are forced to take what jobs they can get, in order to survive.

Unfortunately Israel has to pay them for their slave work, and now Israel complains about having to pay their slaves wages. More after this:
link Bank of Israel: Palestinian labor hurts Israeli workers. Growing employment of Palestinians in recent years good for PA, hurts unskilled Israeli labor, report says. The low wages earned by Palestinians working in Israel may undermine the salaries of unskilled Israeli workers, the Bank of Israel says.

The bank's report, which looked into Palestinian employment in Israel, showed a roughly 20% increase in the employment of Palestinians in Israel in the years 2002-2008.
Now, as if we needed MORE proof of Zionist racism, here's a good one from the comment secton below this article:
. So an unskilled palis makes 210 shekels day. And an Israeli with skills or not earning the minimum wage gets 165.60. Is there something wrong here?

Put a 1,000 shekel security tax on each pali that is employed. Also 100,000 shekel fine and six months in prison for each illegally employed pali or other foreigner.

jason white ,
These people are evil racist bigots, nuff said.......