30 May 2010


Still feeling angry that Hedy Epstein the 86 year old holocaust survivor won't get to Gaza yet again!! Neither will any of our Irish TD's and many other dignitaries and politicians who were banned from leaving Cyprus!! If you missed that earlier update report it's here. Few things to report since the post this morning. Firstly an update from a passenger onboard the ship:
Salaam I will have to make this quick as I have snuck into the press room and i am not meant to be here!

The last 3 days have been very difficult as we have been stationary in international waters awaiting the arrival of all the other ships. The Irish ship is too far behind so will not be joining us but we are now 6 ships in total. Times have been hard but we expect them to get even harder. The showdown with the Israelis is expected tonight.

we need as much help from you guys as possible send emails write try and create as much awareness as you can we need the international community to stand up against this injustice.

Keep checking the IHH website for live streams on the boat but we are also expecting the israelis to jam our communications.

Most of all remember us in your duas inshallah!

Salaam your Brother Tauqir
And this:
the ships are 58 nm from the Lebanese coasts. They changed direction so that they move SW in order to be out of the 65 nm and approach the costs again when they will be much southern and closer to GAZA.
Below is a map of where the boats are right now at 16:00 GMT and this map shows where the Zionist Pirates intercepted the ships the last time (red marker), the blue markers are the boats, click to enlarge detail:

you can follow that map for updates here

Also, You can watch the live streaming from the Turkish Boat the "Mavi Marmara" below, which is carrying about 700 people. Although the broadcast is in Turkish when anyone speaks, mostly, still you can watch the passengers and see the ocean ahead when they begin to near Gazan waters and the scumbag Zionist pirates enter the scene:

Watch live streaming video from insaniyardim at livestream.com

For all you Greeks, you can follow the Greek ships here where there is also a live updating map.

It's going to be a long night and an even longer day starting tomorrow morning when this gets critical. If the flotilla are smart they will stay well away from nearing the Gaza waters in darkness, forcing Israel to make it's move in daylight, so the world can at least see them approaching on the live feed above. I expect the Zionist pirates on approach to disable the flotilla's sat navigantional systems and transmissions, rendering the boats unable to move, dead in the water like the USS Liberty. Then the terrorists will attempt to board and kidnap the passengers and crew without media coverage available as transmission will be disabled so the terrorist pirates can do as they like with the world not witnsessing anything. So, in the morning people will need to be ready and on their game, good luck to them all!!!