15 May 2010


Time for America to make some new friends. They've been hanging out with Israel far too long and all those dirty nasty little habits are rubbing off. It seems America is now banning it's own, born in the USA, citizens from re-entering the US when they return from abroad. This time it's an American born Muslim..........surprise!!! Taking racism to the extreme this is. Now, tell me again Obama, that the US is not at war with all muslims. And tell me again how people born in the US have Civil Rights, you know Obama? Like those civil rights Black people had to fight for? Remember them Obama? Probably not, you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth in Hawaii, then on to Harvard and the whitehouse, never had much racism directed at you. Ask Michelle, maybe she remembers what racism is, unless the "White" house has rubbed off on her. Or you might want to check with some real black people who can explain racism to you.
link An American Muslim civil rights group says the US government has forced an American citizen into exile because of his faith.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations has called on the US Department of Justice to look into the matter. According to the Council, the individual has been placed on a 'no-fly' list and has been unable to return home since March. The group says it is illegal for a US citizen to be denied entry to his own country while he is not charged with any crime. The Council on American-Islamic Relations says such actions undermine the US constitution.

Nadhira al-Khalili with the Council on American-Islamic Relation from Washington. There is no law which allows the United States to deny an American citizen to enter into their own country. Our client was born in the United States and California to be specific, he has a valid United States passport, and the law is very clear that the Americans have the right to travel both within and in and out of their country. So there is no specific law that is allowing this denial of entry. It is just the United States agency that appears to have made its own law that is allowing such denial of rights.

Press TV: This comes in the wake of recent support for US citizens to be stripped of many rights if they are believed or found to be involved with programs called by Islamist militants. Where does that lead the US constitution, which is what many hold up world wide as the standard for other countries to follow?

Al-Khalili: Well, you are absolutely right. This is an unprecedented law that has been proposed by the United States to strip American citizens of their citizenship. Sometimes, the United Stated government can revoke a citizenship if a person has been naturalized. But if a person is born in the United States, they are US-born citizens and that should not be taken away from anyone, no matter what they support, no matter what their ideas are, no matter what they have done, especially not without due process of law. There are courts, there are laws, there are court laws, and there should be due process. A person should be placed in front of a neutral arbitrator before any of the rights are taken away. And this is the case that we saw with our client who was denied entry into the United State. He needs to have his case heard by a mutual party, instead of the agency -- the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) -- which denied him entry into the United States.
Press TV: Right, now let's stick with that removing citizenship issue. What can be said of Islamophobia when we all know that this will never target, for instance, the Christian militia that have just been found.

Al-Khalili: Absolutely, absolutely, yes. We think that this would probably be targeted toward Muslims, and especially foreign born Muslims, unfortunately.

Press TV: So if this continues to grow in number, do we see the prospect of people like Muslim businessmen maybe, limiting their travels to the US? I mean is that what the country still recovering from recession really needs at this point?

Al-Khalili: No it isn't, and you know what it meant, it is not just Muslims who would be hindered in their travel. This case would lead to thousands of people we have emails from... so not just Muslims. People will be completely unwilling to travel when they find out that their name can be put on a 'no-fly' list for no reason at all. We have a lot of cases where people are on the list and they are not Muslims. For instance, Senator Kennedy was on a 'no-fly' list and I believe Nelson Mandela was on a no-fly list.
(NOTE: I could add hundreds of Irish Republican's names here, including people who are elected to government in the North of Ireland!! Who even today would not be allowed into the USA without "special" permission!!) More:
Our particular client has an American name and his family has lived in this country for generations. Our client does not have a name such as 'Muhammad' or 'Ali' or 'Ahmad' or anything like that. Now that our client is on the list, his father, who is not a Muslim, who shares this almost identical name, is also listed by default on the 'no-fly' list. So you can be a Muslim, you can be a non-Muslim... and you have the potential of being on this list, and without due process anyone's rights could be violated in that way... without any type of third party, any type of neutral arbitrator between the TSA and the FBI and all the other agencies that organized this list. Anyone can be put on it and this ultimately affects the United States and the econonomy
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