15 May 2010


The 70 year old man was walking near the Canadian border, but was on the American side, on American soil, when Canadian troops noticed him in the distance and thought he was "suspicious" so they opened fire, killing him.

Is this true? Yes, but the countries are different. As usual, it was the Zionist Rogue State who murdered this 70 year old man who was on Palestinian soil in his own country! This bears repeating AGAIN to all those sane people in this world, that Israel murdered this 70 year old man who was walking in his own country!!!! He was NOT in Israel he was IN Palestine, and Israel murdered him! This is outrageous. Imagine if the first story were true, if an American was shot by Canadian troops for walking in America near a Canadian border? See the absurdity of this? Why does the world stand by and allow the murdering Zionists to kill at will?
LINK Palestinian senior citizen dies in hail of Israeli bullets. The corpse, which had several bullet holes, was found in the area between eastern Gaza City and the border with Israel.

An Israeli military spokesman said an army force had on Friday night spotted a “suspicious figure” approaching the heavily-guarded border fence and had opened fire.