27 February 2009

Zionists Warn "Death of Jewish Lobby" in America

Zionists tell American Jews "Don't Marry That Gentile" warn of death to Jewish Lobbyist Power in America!
As in the King James Bible, from the 17th century onwards gentile was most commonly used to refer to non-Jews
Any doubters out there who may think these people can be reasoned with, or are “normal” just keep reading. If you happen to be a “gentile” married to a Jew, heads up, you are on the hit list as well. In fact, everyone who is not a “jew” is on the hit list, so that means the majority of the worlds population no less.

Have a read of my latest discovery. Shalom TV did a show in March 2008 about interfaith marriages being the death of Judaism but moreover will be the end of the Jewish Lobby's power in American Politics!!.. It is called (strangely enough) “ACCEPTING INTERMARRIAGE THREATENS JEWISH FUTURE”

Here we go, hold your nose, this is gonna get ugly
March 24, 2008 (Fort Lee, NJ) -- In a dramatic television roundtable on the future of American Jewry, the increasing acceptance of mixed marriages is identified as the most serious threat to Jewish continuity.

Available this week on Shalom TV, the panel discussion features Dr. Steven Bayme, director of the Contemporary Jewish Life Department of the American Jewish Committee, citing the dangerous change in Jewish cultural thinking about intermarriage.
Ok all you evil American gentiles, stop marrying jews!!! You are ruining us!! So stop it now!!
"For 4,000 years, Jews knew that mixed marriage was not the right thing to do. They still may have done it, because we often don't do the right thing. But we knew it was the wrong thing to do. Now, we are witnessing a cultural change, where people are saying, 'It's okay. It's a perfectly acceptable thing to do.' It's that cultural change that I spend an awful lot of nights worrying about." -snip-
I say l hope he worries himself to death, evil racist Zionist bigot, Oh and did I mention he’s a racist and a bigot?
"Intermarriage is a major challenge to American Jewish life, -snip- Dr. Steven Cohen, research professor of Jewish social policy at the Reform movement's rabbinical school, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. "I find too many doves on intermarriage refuse to accept what I would call a 'realistic analysis' of its effects.”
A leading expert in American Jewish demography, Dr. Cohen decries as "horrible" the low percentage of Jews who descend from intermarriages, pointing out that only "thirteen percent of grandchildren of intermarried Jews are, by any stretch of the imagination, Jewish. Eighty-seven percent are not Jewish. That bothers me! It really is awful."
So, it bothers him that there are innocent children being born who are not Jewish. His words were “That bothers me! It really is awful." Words escape me, well, not really, but I’m trying to cut down on swearing.
Moderated by Shalom TV's Mark S. Golub, the television panel also includes syndicated columnist and USA Radio Network Host Michah Halpern, and Betty Ehrenberg, advisor to the president of the World Jewish Congress.-snip- Ms. Ehrenberg expresses deep concern about the lower figures coupled with a "thinning out" of Jewish identity.

OK America, pay attention to this next section:
"If we will have fewer Jews, no matter how you estimate the exact number, we will have fewer people who vote, we will have a weaker political voice," she says, mindful of the community's influence on national and world affairs. "If you combine weaker numbers with weaker identification and weaker Jewish understanding, then you have a recipe for disaster .
Wake up from your slumber America!! There is an actual admission right there of the power these people hold over you and how worried they are about loosing it!! They will actually stoop so low as to make a television show, geared to the American Jewish audience, to impress upon Jews in America to NOT marry a non-Jew because it will harm the Jewish state when American Jews no longer hold huge power over the American government. - Ms. Ehrenberg states “you have a recipe for disaster“ Did you get that? I have two words for Americans “WISE UP” sadly there's more:
"It's less a question of 'Are we six million or 4.2 million or somewhere in between?'" adds Dr. Bayme. "What really is happening is that America is changing radically in terms of its population patterns. In that sense, the grounds of concern are quite real. "-snip- "If we're not realistic enough about saying it's a problem, we'll get nowhere with it. "The current generation of Jewish leadership needs to be challenged in terms of where it is going to place its emphasis. If it conducts business as usual--and I tend to think it will--then I am very agonized and very worried."link to pdf file
Now, if that’s not a wake up call to Americans, well I don’t know what is. You have just stared into the face of “Zionism” And it’s very ugly indeed. These people are religious fanatics and lunatics. They have perverted the Jewish religion into a right wing Nationalist Militaristic Fanatical movement. Americans must extricate themselves from these Zionists if it is to ever have any freedom to govern itself as it sees fit. The greatest reason of all as to why American’s are hated in the world, sits solely on the shoulders of its relationship with Israel. Right now none of your US politicians can rise up the ladder without the helping hand of AIPAC, a Zionist lobby group that will not allow anyone to gain office without their “approval” You have to pass the “AIPAC” test to get elected. Obama passed it with flying colours, when he said that Jerusalem should be the undivided capitol of Israel. How’s that for kissing AIPACS collective arses so he can be President?

Please for the rest of the world, get your act together and be free like your country was meant to be. Stop being “little Israel”

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Barbara L said...

Last night I posted a Video speech by Norman Finklestein on this very topic. He has the view that American Jews are not so gung ho on Israel due to the weakening links between life there and life here. They are more culturally assimilated he feels.

Of course you realize that we have the CHABAD LUBOVITCH behind all this? They have been dictating things to world leaders for some time. Today I found a treasure trove of photos of them with almost every world leader possible. They are major fanatics. And they are the ones who look like the stereotypical Jews as drawn in anti Zionist cartoons. They all look like they pack the Talmud in their back pocket. Their absolutely ugly forms are merely an expression of their ugly goals and mindsets, in my humble opinion.

These people are not nice. If you have not read the Talmud, I advise you to do so. If you want a fast learn, look it up in Google or YouTube. You are sure enough to find things that curl your toes. You will also find out very quickly that they are truly like parasites who suck their hosts dry, just as they have done to small children through multitudes of knife wounds over the centuries.

As you say, it does not take much digging to find yourself in a filthy sewer. That is most likely why their curses usually involve "boiling excrement". I feel that folks are in the middle of a huge war for their minds and souls and we who are warriors of words have our work cut out for us.

They have been losing the publicity war that hits the masses but holding on to the leaders. And as for revisionists, they are picking them off like flies. David Duke is the latest casualty in Prague at the moment. And they will seriously tar and feather him in their main stream press and never mention he was twice candidate to run for the US presidency.

I don't know about Ireland, but they are accelerating their Talmudization of North America and Europe. They have Europe so corrupt that now there are actually animal bordellos known as Barnyards! They are doing their damndest to kill us spiritually.

Anyhow, Keep up the good fight, you always have something good to read.

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