13 March 2009


Israel is now shooting Americans.

American demonstrator critically wounded by IDF in Israel. But never mind, any American who has sympathy for Palestine is an enemy of Israel and a supporter of “terrorism”, well, according to Israel that is!! Remember Rachel Corrie????????

American badly hurt in clash with Israeli military
JERUSALEM (AP) — An American demonstrator was critically wounded Friday in a clash between protesters and Israeli troops over Israel's West Bank separation barrier.
Peace activists with the International Solidarity Movement said Tristan Anderson, of the Oakland, Calif., area, was struck in the head with a tear gas canister fired by Israeli troops. The military and the Tel Aviv hospital where Anderson was taken had no details on how he was hurt.
"He's in critical condition, anesthetized and on a ventilator and undergoing imaging tests," said Orly Levi, a spokeswoman at the Tel Hashomer hospital. She described Anderson's condition as "life-threatening."

Wake up America, these people are your enemy, they want to kill anyone who criticizes Israel, just like they murdered Rachel Corrie by running her over with an army bull dozer, now they are using bullets.