13 March 2009

Israeli Group Asks US Government to Censor and Investigate Americans who Criticize Israel

Yes, you read the title correctly, the JIDF are now asking the US government to censor and investigate people who criticize Israel online. This should be a wake up call to anyone who reads this post! The country wanted “change” when they overwhelmingly elected Obama. People expected to see a roll back of the civil rights intrusions that Bush so happily implemented using the Politics of “fear” to establish a United States of Big Brother America which Israel can control.

Thanks to the internet, PRESS TV, and Aljazeera English, people were actually witnessing the horrendous holocaust on Gaza. Thanks to YouTube and many other social network groups, these images spread like wildfire. Soon, the images of White Phosphorous, DIME missiles and over 400 children, dismembered and being dug from the rubble were streamed all over the world. Children being carried by their screaming parents, looking for someone to help, were seen by millions. Civilians huddled together with no place to escape the day after day bombings from the pristine American supplied F-16s that flew safely overhead whilst delivering death below. Anyone who witnessed this will never have those images leave their minds. People have now seen the ugly result of US Military Aid to Israel.

Within days of the first attack, millions of Pro-Gaza blogs began to spring up all over the world. Every country, millions of people like myself who never had a blog, felt compelled to write, to help, to do whatever they could to expose the evil of Zionism. The Genie is out of the bottle now, but Israel immediately sent out it’s hoards of online flying monkeys, like GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) and the JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force) to save Israel’s image in the world. I wrote quite an in depth report HERE and HERE on this attempt at controlling the internet and censoring sites by Israeli forces. I outlined how they target YouTube, Blogger, Facebook, Wordpress and even Wikipedia with their “hasbara” and censorship techniques. Always using the long tired excuse of “anti-Semitism” and “Muslim terrorism” in an attempt to have the owners of these online communities remove sites that were against Israel.

Today I want to report yet another campaign by the JIDF. It appears from their site, they are not too happy with the results they are now getting, so they have devised yet another plan to add to their censorship army. This time they are taking the fight for Censorship even further, this time they are having their people target the American Government. Yes, you heard me, they are asking their worldwide membership to now begin writing to US Congressmen, Senators and even to the Whitehouse. Asking them to censor the internet of sites that the JIDF deem as being too critical of Zionism or Israel, or, sites that are Pro-Palestinian!

So, as Americans have elected Obama to take the country back from the oppressive Bush Administration and to restore freedom of speech, civil rights and privacy to Americans. We now see Pro-Israeli lobbyists and groups such as the JIDF lobbying the American government remove even MORE of your rights!

Below is an excerpt from the JIDF site:

Alert the Government!

1. Pro-terrorist and anti-Semitic content on the web poses a serious threat. Much of this content can be found on areas like Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Wordpress, Wikipedia, etc.

2. Despite a massive campaign to report these groups to Facebook and to the Media, Facebook barely made a dent in removing them. However, we do give them credit for removing 106 problematic groups impacting over 125,000 people active in them (due to our concentrated effort of reporting groups.)

3. There are hundreds more which have not been deleted despite thousands of complaints. There are also many more new groups created daily, so the problem is spiraling out of control.

6. Politicians know that the future is in the hands of the younger generation. Let them know your concerns by writing. Please ask them to do whatever they can to help combat the serious problems of pro-terrorist and other hate groups all over Facebook (and the web.) Let them know that you feel much of the activity happening here might be illegal (since there are groups actively promoting illegal terrorist groups here) and that a proper government investigation should be considered.

7. We believe the following steps are now necessary:

-Contact the White House here: Contact the President!, Contact the Vice President!

-Contact your Attorneys General by State: http://www.naag.org/ag/full_ag_table.php

-Contact your Senators: http://www.senate.gov/contacting/index_by_state.cfm

-Contact your State Reps: https://forms.house.gov/wyr/welcome.shtml

-Contact any other local law enforcement agencies as needed.

"let them know that seeing all of this on Facebook is not making you feel comfortable online and that you would like to see our government doing more about it as you see this as another important front in the war which you feel is being neglected."
So, how do you like that for asking the American government to spy on its own citizens for Israel!! I would also say to people reading this that you should also be very aware that the Israeli Government is about to pass a law on internet censorship in Israel. It is being sold to the Israeli public under the guise of making sure children are protected from seeing porn images online, but they have also attached something else to this bill. That something else is the term “violence” or images of “violence.” Anyone see where this is going? This would mean that images of the genocide in Gaza will fall nicely under the parameters of this “censorship” law. And what Israel does, will then begin to be pushed in America. So that the next time Israel commits war crimes, no one will be able to see them! So America, what’s next, will we see book burning, television banning, newspaper censorship, spying on anyone who is not Pro-Israel? This is what they want, are you going to give it to them?

Educate yourself to how powerful these people are in America. Anyone who doubts this should read about AIPAC who just took down Charles Freeman LINK. Is this the country your forefathers envisioned? Is America little Israel or is it the home of the Free?


Anonymous said...

Zionist thought control is enforced by the Zionist inquisition which punishes anyone challenging infallibly declared Zionist dogmas.The less than 1% of Americans who are rabid Zionists have so much financial, political and mass media power that Americans cannot controvert their dogmas with impunity. They have successfully reduced our democracy to a plutocracy of the rich Zionists, for the rich Zionists, by the rich Zionists, resulting in Zion uber alles. The number of Holocaust films on U.S. TV is proportionate to the number of Palestinians being slaughtered by the Israelis. It's the more, the more principle of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Excellent site, and I hope you won't mind if I send the article to my pro-Palestinian list.

Keep up the good work.

BanSidhe said...

No bother, just give a link back:)

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