28 March 2009

IDF Tear Gas Protesters in West Bank~AGAIN

It is Soooooooo past the time for these land stealing, thieving, illegal, evil, racist, Zionists, to be removed from squatting on other peoples land whilst their Zionist armed to the teeth racist soldiers shoot and murder the rightful owners. I hope I live to see the day they are dragged screaming and kicking off that land, evil racists.

Soldiers tear-gas pacifists in West Bank demo
3 hours ago

HEBRON, West Bank (AFP) — Israeli soldiers used tear gas grenades to break up a demonstration on Saturday by Israeli, Palestinian and foreign pacifists in the occupied flashpoint West Bank city of Hebron.

No casualties were reported, an AFP correspondent said.

About 150 demonstrators were demanding that Palestinians again be allowed to used a road in the old town of Hebron after they were denied access by the Israeli military for security reasons.

Israeli Arab member of parliament Muhammed Barakeh of the Hadash communist party was among the protesters.

About 600 Jewish settlers live under Israeli military protect in in central Hebron, the West Bank city inhabited by 170,000 Palestinians.