13 March 2009

New Anti-Zionist Party Launched

In an attampt to rid it's country from the contol of Zionist Lobby Groups and organizations, France has launched it's new Anti Zionist Political Party called "Parti Anti Sioniste." Below are the parties goals taken from a translated page:


 To eliminate the Zionist interference in the affairs of the Nation.

 Denounce all the politicians who are advocating Zionism.

 Eliminating all forms of Zionism in the nation.

 Prevent companies and institutions to contribute to the war effort of a foreign nation that does not respect international law.

 Unleashing our state, our government and our institutions of the grip and the pressure of Zionist organizations.

 Unleashing the media for a plurality of information to promote freedom of expression.

 Promote the free expression of the politics, culture, philosophy and religion and free of Zionism.

 Restoring power in France and the French under the new geopolitical and economic rules on the big issues that engage the responsibility of the Nation.

 Do not engage France in the wars of colonization and repatriate our armed forces stationed in Africa, Afghanistan and around the world.

 Requiring a referendum for any new commitment of France abroad.

 Establish a bill to ban dual nationality to participate in war without explicit mandate of the Nation.

 Prohibit any militia whatever their faith.

 Establish a national dialogue to raise awareness and a society that excludes any advocacy of Zionism.

 Set the mode of voting by proportional representation so that all segments of society are represented.

 Advocate for the establishment of a society of justice, progress and tolerance.

Translated Link HERE

Non translated link HERE


Anonymous said...

1945-Hitler is dead, National Socialist German Workers Party forbidden!

2009-Hitler 2.0
PAS founded!

FrankDialogue said...

Bravo to the French...As for the Irish, we need a good Irish parish priest as Pope...Not this snivelling Ratzinger.

Anonymous said...

Why not?

This is why the French were propagandized as "women" and traitors. They didn't seem to mind the idea's of German Nationalism where the state controlled the private sector. Also, according to Degrelle (sp?), the French really didn't show to much resistance to the Germans also in the north. It was literally
a walk-in. Why? The people were Nationalist! But it's leadership wanted to remain loyal to the international wealthy controllers/Bankers of Britain, U.S. and Soviet Union. He also states that the greatest damage to France was unleashed by the "Allied" invasion. Degrelle estimated that at lease 95% of the destruction and death of civilians in France was due to Anglo-American bombings and assaults. Rape of women was common by the "liberators". While during the German occupation several Germans were executed by firing squads for the rape of French women. Not so for the "Allied" troops. Even the destruction of many historic buildings were deemed unnecessary. He states that the French/U.S./British had to force civilians to show up to greet their "Liberators"! This explains the small and ineffectual "France Resistance" who where old guard hanger-ons and a few Jews. Propaganda was necessary to re-establish the myth that the French were pro Anglo-American. It wasn't that they were militarily inept and cowards, they remembered the last war and its loses and also didn't want to do it for the wealthy merchants of death again.

This all makes sense to me. It also makes me wonder would the Germans have attacked France if there were no British troops on French soil? Remember the winners write the fiction called history.

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