03 April 2009

FRAUD~Leiberman Questioned for 2nd Day

I wrote about this yesterday. I hope they hang him, but I must admit that I do find it a bit odd that this comes at this time. Given that he has already caused headlines with his racist views. Either it just took a long time to bring this forward, or something else is at work here. Perhaps they want rid of him as he will be too much trouble and cannot be controlled.

Israeli police question new FM for 2nd day

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police interrogated the country's new hard-line foreign minister for the second straight day Friday in an ongoing bribery investigation that could make his tenure short-lived.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Avigdor Lieberman was questioned for five hours about an investigation involving suspicions of receiving bribes, money laundering and breach of trust. The foreign minister's lawyer and daughter have also been questioned in the case. Rosenfeld said Lieberman will be questioned again soon.

If indicted, Lieberman will likely have to step down from his post. Lieberman denies any wrongdoing and says the charges are politically motivated.

One of Israel's most polarizing politicians, Lieberman became foreign minister this week. In his first speech, he immediately sparked an international uproar by saying he opposed concessions in exchange for peace and rejecting peace talks initiated by the former government. Lieberman has already raised concerns around the world with statements seen as racist and his opposition to U.S.-backed peace talks over the past year.

Lieberman has had trouble with the law before. Police have questioned him several times throughout his decade-long political career, though none of the allegations have stuck.

Earlier this year, Lieberman's daughter, his lawyer and five other confidants were detained in the current bribery investigation, in which Lieberman is accused of funneling illicit funds through fictitious accounts under the names of his daughter and lawyer.