12 April 2009

Israel Starting to Freak

And now the whining starts

The following are excerpts from a LONG editorial regarding the upcoming investigation into Israeli war crimes headed by Jewish south African Richard Goldstone. All has been quiet on the Israeli front since the little flurry of media attention when Goldstone was picked. However, now Israel is starting to fret, complain and cry that they are being "singled out" which is their usual tactic when accused of crimes. Some excerpts are below, the most outrageous ones. To read the entire hasbara-babble you can take the link below at the end. I do find it stunning the excuses and mindset of Israelis in their attempt to defend the indefensible. While they attempt to create some type of insane "logic" the rest of the world is not buying it anymore. We want justice for all those murdered children and we won't forget what took place!

Analysis: Goldstone mission just another unfair UN fact-finding farce, I'm afraid

Accusations of war crimes and human rights violations by Israel during the recent hostilities in the Gaza Strip - whether from inside Israel or outside - seem to be developing into a fixation among those in the international community who await the opportunity to bash Israel.
(No,not to "bash" Israel, but to hold it accountable for what it did!)

The fact that there exists a clear double standard, and that Israel is singled out for special treatment - whether justifiably or not - is regrettably a given factor in the international reality in which we live.
(multiple probs here, firstly,what double standards, they always use this as an excuse, there can be NO excuse to act as they did, clearly overkill and the illegal use of weapons as well. Secondly, this "special treatment" crapola is just that, absolute rubbish! Israel chose to commit genocide on a population that was corralled into an area with NO ESCAPE! And, when the innocent people DID attempt to find safety in UN compounds or their own homes, they were systematically butchered and bombed. Israel singled out? Of course they are singled out, Hamas had no DIME missiles, no tanks, no drones, no vast armed army, no white phosphorous and no huge arms deals with the USA. So yes, Israel is at fault for killing hundreds of civilians and children. And lastly, this statement of "Justifiably or Not" is ludicrous, does he mean that no matter if Israel IS guilty it should be overlooked because he believes that Israel is being singled out? Preposterous!)

the question once again arises whether Israel should agree to cooperate with Goldstone and his mission.
(Why should Israel have an "option" to agree, it has NO option to agree as these are CRIMES being investigated. Criminals do not get to decide if they will go along with an investigation, how moronic!)

Taken at face value, and in a perfect world of genuine bona fides, such a mandate might indeed appear reasonable. Appointing a Jew to head the mission, as the UN press statements take pains to stress, and Goldstone's membership in the Board of Governors of the Hebrew University, was doubtless intended to serve as an additional factor in persuading Israel to cooperate with the mission.
(Taken at face value in a perfect world of bona fides? What he really means here is a perfect solution for Israel where no one attempts to hold them accountable. Or one where they have some type of "fix" in where they participate but never get charged or convicted, so sorry, not this time!)

However, the world is not perfect, and the impartiality of the mission and its independence, as well as the motivations behind it, are far from genuine and give rise to justifiable doubts as to its bona fides.
(Oh, here we go, typical Israeli HASBARA, any commitee or investigation that actually decides to do a real investigation or place charges against Israel is somehow not a "genuine" mission, or fails to have genuine "motivations" this is just SO outlandish to non-Zionists and the rest of the normal world.)

The mandate emanates from a UN Human Rights Council resolution dated January 12 of this year and entitled Council Resolution S-9/1, on the grave violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly due to the recent Israeli military attacks against the Gaza Strip.

The resolution, tabled - and supported by such paragons of international humanitarianism as Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and others - was adopted by 33 votes in favor, one (Canada) against and 13 abstentions (European countries).
(Well now, I understand completely that Israel thinks it, along with the USA, should be allowed to control the rest of us peons. Additionally I see they lumped Egypt into their "hate" group, so perhaps Egypt should stop being an agent for Israel as no matter how many Palestinians they capture for Israel, nor how many people they detain or stop from entering Gaza,or how many humanitarian aid trucks, shipments of "pasta" and "baby diapers" they seize for Israel, it's just not enough. all the while loosing face with the rest of the Arab world and for what? To be still slagged off by Israel because they went along with the other 32 nations at the UN? Wake up Egypt, you will always be the house negro as far as Israel is concerned. And lastly, Canada has a racist government controlled by the Zionist lobby as was evident when it embarrassed itself to the world by banning George Galloway, when, the USA had NO problems letting him in. so that takes care of Canada. The rest of the EU is shit scared of the US and Israel and at the same time won't go against the proposal due to the vast majority of the people living in those EU countries came out in their millions to demonstrate against Israel's attempted ethnic cleansing and holocaust in Gaza. That is your answer!)

Further to the questionable basis of the mission's mandate, some thought might be given to the mission's composition. Without impinging on the good intentions and bona fides of Goldstone, it might be noted that Christine Chinkin, professor of international law at the London School of Economics, together with other British academics, addressed a letter to The Guardian on January 5 that was extremely critical of Israel's action in the Gaza Strip.

With all the good intentions that Israel might have in wishing to cooperate with any fair and impartial international mission, one may assume that this mission, like its predecessors, is doomed to fail, and in any event could not claim, in the words of Goldstone, to "make a meaningful contribution to the peace process in the Middle East and to providing justice for the victims."

Nothing good will come from this mission.
(Note, that Goldstone's statement regarding the importance of this investigation e.g. to "make a meaningful contribution to the peace process in the Middle East and to providing justice for the victims." was used totally out of context by this Israeli writer. Again, HASBARA at work, but no matter how much they wiggle and squirm, the world wants justice against Israeli criminals this time and we intend to get it.)

You can read the entire bullshit HASBARA editorial HERE if you can stand it.