20 May 2009

Israeli War Crimes Investigation

Israel, says to the investigation committee
"I Hear You Knocking, But You Can't Come In"

Richard Goldstone and his fellow investigators have been attempting to carry out their duties. However, Israel refuses to let them into the country to carry out investigations..... SURPRISE.....not! Israel has a bad habit of carrying out crimes against humanity, and then running for safety into their little heavily fortified statelet, which is more like a bunker, than a state, but that's another story. This is the pattern, kill and run, kill and hide, kill and deflect, and if that does not work, kill and call everyone who blames you "Anti-Semitic" yeah, that's the ticket, you're all Anti-Semitic, I say, as I laugh myself silly. Good to hear that Goldstone will continue to investigate without Israel if needs be.
The head of a UN inquiry into human rights abuses committed during the three-week Israeli war on Gaza has been disappointed over Tel Aviv's lack of cooperation.

"I'm disappointed, and the members of the mission are disappointed, that we've had no positive response from the Israeli government," Richard Goldstone told reporters in Geneva on Wednesday.

The South African Jewish jurist, who heads a four-member fact finding mission to Gaza, said despite his direct appeal to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the group's request to enter Israel has to date been met with a wall of silence.

"But we've really received no official response. There've been media reports of noncooperation but I regard those as unofficial. It would be good to get an official response and I would hope a positive response," he explained.

Goldstone went on to express his determination to go ahead with the inquiry even if Tel Aviv fails to cooperate on the issue.

The team is obliged to submit a report by Aug. 4 on the conduct of both sides during Israel's Operation Cast lead.

This is not the first time echelons in Tel Aviv deny a United Nations fact finding mission entry into the Gaza Strip, impoverished by a 22-month Israeli imposed siege on its inhabitants and constant military operations.

Human rights investigator Richard Falk was denied entry into the coastal territory at the onset of the military aggression in December.

The UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories believes Tel Aviv is shirking all investigations in fear of the abundant amount of evidence that shows its violation of international laws of warfare in Gaza.

"The real reason is that the facts overwhelmingly support allegations that Israel is understandably concerned that any objective inquiry would indeed confirm the allegations and create a situation in which the international community would be obliged to seek some kind of procedure for accountability," said Falk in an exclusive interview with Press TV in late April. source


Barbara L said...

This time YOU made me spew my tea.. kill and run ... etc etc. How bang on.

I am working on putting up a piece by Eustace Mullins before the day is out that I think will open you to a few new ideas.

I desperately need someone to talk them over with however. I still find it hard to believe what he says, but, with my knowledge of history and the things I am listening to through William Cooper, ... well scary thing is that it is all so believable. Be glad they are still hiding at this time honey. BTW they have a really hard time with major ridicule.

And... one of their leaders has said they are "mad dogs" so appropriately. Pity, I rather like dogs a lot. Their honest straightforward nature appeals to me. Do you think canines will survive the slur?

Ban Sidhe said...


"Do you think canines will survive the slur?"

Not sure if they will, Dogs need to set up hundreds of "hasbara" sites to fight Anti-Dog-ism" like the Zionists do. Poor dogs dont deserve to be lumped into the same group as Zionists.

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