25 June 2009

CNN & Canadian PM Join Zionist Group To Restrict Free Speech

What do CNN and the Canadian Government have in common? Plenty folks! It appears they are both supportive of Zionists and Anti-Free Speech. Well, we already knew that about Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he assisted in banning George Galloway from entering Canada to exercise his right to Free Speech. But, what we did not know until now, is that CNN joined the call for Free Speech Restrictions. Wowzer, so much for an Un-Biased press...Maybe it's time to ask CNN why it is engaging in one sided politics.
Canadian pro-Israel students, in the wake of the Iranian "Twitter Revolution," were using the social networking Web site to "expose the lies at the anti-Israel 'academic' conference taking place at York University" in Toronto.

Exposing York, started by Hasbara at York, (AKA World Union of Jewish Students) has developed a following of over 700 users since Monday, when the conference opened. Followers include senior Canadian government officials, major international news agencies, and three Israeli embassies in North America.

A follower under the name "PM Harper" presents himself to be Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, but this cannot be confirmed. Other followers include Al Jazeera English and CNN's Anderson Cooper. source

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Barbara L said...

One of the Toronto Universities, forget which one, fined its student organization $1000 and cut them from classes for a few weeks for insisting upon participating in the anti Isreal campaign earlier this year. Just noted it in some old mag.

Three universities refused to allow the Latuff posters up because they offended a few jewish students. In two cases, the Uni Pres had photos on line of them carousing about in Israel on visits.

Two or three profs at least have been released from their contracts for showing solidarity with their students or teaching "hate" in class. In one case it was for discussing the Nakba and Palestine.

And now I read Obummer plans a new programme in which every class will have a hidden student agent working on their spying degree, just to keep everyone toeing the proper Zionist line.

At this rate. I am thrilled that neither of my daughters wishes to procreate!

By the way I am branching out abit in my focus. I found an article by an Irishman in Argentina on the very same crap going on there. Only they get arrested for"intellectual arrogance". 20 protesters showed up at a Jewish ceremony of 500.

They got off the subway with their placards and flyers and were attacked. It has been presented to the people via the press as they came tearing out of the subway brandishing staves and chains heading for old men and women, children set to do damage. Oddly no one there remembers any such thing but the press has put this picture in the public.

The Israeli ambassador insists they were there to kill, it was a death mission. So this crap is going on everywhere! It was funny to post from a new continent, but there is a LOT going on there right now.

There are people who have only been "discovered" in that last 20 years who stood up against the army for the past month to save their forests. Bloody mess... reminded me of Bil'in actually. And the Natives WON! This gives hope for humanity... may that happen in Palestine.

So they CAN be defeated. In this case, I feel the stakes were higher for the planet than the middle east. They were protecting the lungs of our planet.

Anyhow... bye for nowwww....

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