01 June 2009

Israel Needs More Drugs~Hallucinating Again

They are hallucinating again, will someone please help them? I started a Prozac donation site for Israel, but it's not enough. We need boat loads.
Barak: There is neither hunger nor crisis in Gaza

Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the cabinet on Sunday that he felt that there was no crisis in the Gaza Strip.

"There is no hunger or crisis in Gaza," he said during a security briefing. "More supplies pass through the border crossings today than did during some points of the last cease-fire. Only sensitive materials or construction materials are not transferred in." link
Well, beg to differ with you Mr. Adolf Eichmann, the "hope" convoy just returned and guess what? The hospital needs a tube for their scanner so sick and injured people can be saved. They also need paper, the doctors had to go from using regular A-4 paper like the rest of the world, down to using A-6, which they can hardly read because the patients notes are so small. And why are they not allowed proper parts for the Kidney Dialysis machines? Because they can only give people 2 hours of Dialysis, hence they are going around poisoned, but you like that don't you Mr. Eichmann? So, Mr. Eichmann, why are these things not allowed? When is paper a dangerous weapon. Are you afraid that HAMAS will make paper planes and fly them into Isra-hell? Or that you will somehow die from a massive paper cut somehow created and instigated by HAMAS?

Zionist Nazi asshat terrorists punishing an entire population.