19 June 2009


New York, Vienna and Copenhagen, you are being targeted by the Zionist "hasbara" machine.

At some point, the Zionist hasbara Think Tank Machine must have met and said “Gee whiz, the world is starting to hate on us cos we murder Palestinian men, women and children, and steal their land, and live in an Apartheid rogue state with nukes." So we really gotta DO something about this mess we created. Quick, we gotta divert attention from the genocide we did in Gaza, all those pesky dead Palestinian children does nothing for our "image"

Then someone with a room temperature IQ spoke up and said “I’ve Got the Answer!!”


Yup, that’s that plan Stan. So, the little Hasbara Zionists got busy like worker bees and began their great Hasbara task of building “Israeli” beaches across the world. And no, I’m not making this up at all unfortunately.

The “Beach” is complete in Vienna, I wrote about it here in April 2009.

Ah, but now it’s New York’s turn, yup, the Big Apple is getting a Zionist Beach built at..... wait for it………….CENTRAL PARK on June 21st 2009.
New Yorkers to stroll on Tel Aviv beach - in Central Park

New Yorkers strolling through Central Park later this month will be surprised to find the iconic park pulsating to an Israeli beat.
Would that be the "beat" of DIME Missiles and White Phosphorous? Nah, they only murder Palestinians, not Americans who give them billions in taxpayer's money.
On June 21st, truckloads of sand from Tel Aviv will be poured across sections of the park, bringing the Tel-Aviv beach to Manhattan.

During the day-long project, called "Tel Aviv Beach", "bathers" will be given Popsicles and the ping-pang of racquetball will echo through the park
Here, have a free Popsicle and forget we murdered over 400 children using your weapons you gave us. Just have a great day:):):):):)
Bathers will be able to sample Israeli street food, sold from a number of food stalls set up on the transplanted sands.
Food is not free, they want more of your money, the Billions that US taxpayers send is not enough to fund their next genocide. So shut up, eat your friggin Popsicle, play racquetball and give us all your money!
They will also get an earful of Israeli reggae band "Hatikva 6" and Israeli D.J. Hadar Marcus The project is being held in part to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv's founding. It is being organized by the Israeli Consulate in New York, in conjunction with the City of Tel Aviv.

The "Tel Aviv Beach" project was held earlier this month Vienna, where "bathers" were met by protesters who set up a "Gaza beach" demonstration protesting the event.
C'mon New York, show the world how it's done. Boycott the Racist Beach in your neighbourhood. Put a call out to all the New York dog walkers to bring them all to the giant "Doggie Bathroom Beach" Make sure you leave lots of little "Doggie Packages" behind for them to take back to Israel.
An additional "Tel Aviv Beach" in Copenhagen will be bring the sunny shores of the first Hebrew city to Scandinavia in July, where, ostensibly, sunscreen may be less of a concern.

According to organizers of the event, the laid-back, care-free atmosphere of Central Park is just like a Saturday afternoon in Tel-Aviv, all that's missing is the sand.
Contrast the relaxed image of sand, sea, music and Popsicles Israel lays out above, with the stark reality of what they want you to forget:

Palestine has a beach with sand as well, it's all they have left since Israel destroyed everything else.

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You might want to post this video of Gilad Atzmon talking about AIPAC and Obama and more:


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