18 June 2009

When All Else Fails~Offer Money & God

Pssssst Hey Mr. Arab, God say's it's mine, and here's Some Money, Now Go Away.

Yes, you guessed it, the racist Jewish Jihadist Terrorists are at it again. They are attempting to get creative, a hard thing for people with small racist brains to do. Still, they do try. So far attempts have been a conglomeration of murder, attacks, bulldozing homes, passing racist laws, threats, stealing homes, and land. Now they are going bigtime, evoking not only God, but adding in money as well, wowzer, good thinking, yeah, that'll work LOL
A Jewish organization distributed Wednesday leaflets on Palestinians in east Jerusalem calling on them to leave the city, and offering them "financial aid".

The group had quotations from the Holy Quran and the Torah and claimed that those quotations prove that the "land of Israel is for the Jews; and that followers of other faiths should leave this land to them".

The leaflets also quoted the "book of prophets"; a and stated that the "Jewish people were expelled out of their homeland for 2000 years, and now after they have returned, as promised, the time has come for the people of Israel to implement the orders of God".

"We ask you to leave the land of Israel, we don't hate you, we don&do not want to fight you just because you a Muslims, we ask you to leave according to God".
The group claims it would help the Arab leave the country and placed a phone number to call
Here's my favorite part:
Some Palestinians who phoned the number in an attempt to know the identity of the organization stated that the person who responded to their call refused to provide them with any identification, and only said that “he would love to meet them in person "to offer them financial and immigration aid" link
Yeah, I bet he'd love to meet them, in some dark alley so he can murder them all. One thing to say to these Jewish Jihadists, Palestinians are smarter than you are, but nice try though LOL


PlanetMichelle@ said...

I'd love to get my
hands on those little twerps. *Smack smack* I envision them like evil leprachaun (sp) type creatures faces like rats.
American Muslims have for years been organized to buy out Israeli Arab business owners to counter the Israeli pressure to sell to them. I don't know what the success rate is.

Free Palestine Writers said...


Alright now, let's leave the Irish leprechauns out of this, they would never be associated with Zionists. They just hide in Irish fields with pots of gold at the end of the rainbow:)

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