13 June 2009

Jews Target Obama Again~SSDD

What a week, the Zionists are continuing their racist meltdown. So far they've called Obama the "n" word and also called for him to be shot. Then Zionist settlers also call him the "n" word and additionally set fire to a Palestinian farm. They claim they will burn a Palestinian out of their home every time Obama pressures Israel into adhering to the peace agreement they signed. THEN, a video surfaces of American Zionists from the Jewish Defense League calling for Jews in America to Buy Weapons NOW and arm themselves against Obama, no seriously! May I take this opportunity to remind Americans that aside from Timothy McVeigh, the only other "homegrown" terrorists are members of the Jewish Defense League who carried out bombings in New York. So America, wake up! And today Zionists are at it again SSDD=Same Sh*t Different Day:
Israeli settlers denounce Obama in poster campaign across occupied West Bank

Israeli settler bypass roads and checkpoint areas were plastered with large posters denouncing US President Barak Obama as a "Jew-hater" and anti-Semite.

Palestinian drivers were surprised to see Obama sporting a black-and-white kuffeieh in the style of former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, with messages denouncing the American leader written in English and Hebrew.

Clearly intended for the West Bank settler drivers, the posters appear to be a response to Obama's recent promise to Palestinians to have Israel halt settlement construction in the West Bank including East Jerusalem.

Locals reported seeing settlers post the signs early Friday morning when there was little traffic on the roads.

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PlanetMichelle@ said...

Those fraud settlers label their exported goods as being from the West Bank so that the decent folks think they are buying imported goods from Palestinians. Those settlers are whackos, even the average Israeli hate them. They are hick cult Manson Jones Moonie waiting for a comet freakoids. Land should not be wasted on them and I hope they are the first to be driven into the sea.

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