07 July 2009

Please Step In....And Assume The Position

Posted by Ban Sidhe at Irish4Palestine

Israel is well pissed off at the European Commission for telling the truth about Settlements and plans to give them a good spanking for this act of "defiance" and "Evil Truth Telling." The Commission reported the fact that illegal settlements make it virtually impossible for peace in the region. Their existence causes devastating effects on the Palestinian Economy, which in turn effects Palestinian residents. Best of all it was pointed out that it is the European Union that foots the bill for this, to the tune of 280 Million, no less! Israel's reaction to this statement is much the same as their reaction to the UN's War Crimes Investigations, Amnesty International's Investigations and all the others who find fault with the evil rogue state.

Israels reply was thus:

"Infamy, Infamy, They've All Got It In Fa Me"

For a REAL eye opener on the Settlements and the Myth about "Natural Growth" check out the vid after the article below:
Israel’s Foreign Ministry will seek a meeting with the representative of the European Commission over what the Israeli press called an “unusually harsh statement” on Israel’s settlement policy.

The statement, released Monday, said Israel’s settlement policy in the West Bank was strangling the Palestinian economy and forcing residents into aid dependency.

"[I]t is the European taxpayers who pay most of the price of this dependence," the commission said, including 280 million US dollars so far this year, because settlements prevent the PA from functioning normally. source
Check this out for some "Home Truths" Literally: