08 July 2009

STOP~Don't Help Those Disfigured People

What can one say? Every day it's the same thing, only the date changes. More doctors are being turned away by the Zionist Rogue State controlling the borders of Palestine. This time it's a team from France, including a highly respected plastic surgeon, who's aim was to help re-construct the lives of disfigured children. The disfiguring, of course, coming from the Evil Rogue State and Zionist Occupying Force that targets women and children civilians.

Israel clearly is not interested in having anyone "tamper" with their disfiguring results, or offer any assistance to these disfigured people. Israel likes to have their "handiwork" available for all to see, like some sick badge. A reminder to Palestinians that they reaped the benefits of a genocide for daring to hold a democratic Election in 2006, even the Evil Shrub Bush graced the television news programs touting how wonderful it was to see people exercising their democratic rights to vote. However, just like Iran, those "rag heads" voted for the wrong effing people, how dare they! (American sentiment there, NOT mine!)Anyway, like I said, same shite, different day:
Israel was yesterday criticised after it refused to allow a group of doctors on a humanitarian mission organised by the French government to enter Gaza.

The team, including three British medics, was turned back by Israeli border guards on Sunday and Monday. They say their mission is purely humanitarian, aimed to helping those in medical need, and some of whom were left injured and in need of surgery after Israel's attack on Gaza earlier this year.

One of the Britons refused entry to Gaza, Sonia Robbins, who is a reconstructive plastic surgeon, said: "I don't know why we are being refused permission to enter. "The consequences are that patients will not be operated on, children will have to wait until next time for surgery, and that won't happen until six months time. "I think it is unacceptable to refuse a humanitarian mission."
(Ah, but Sonia my dear, can't you see? Israel would first have to view the Palestinian people as somehow being "human" in order to feel any empathy for those disfigured children. And I don't think we can expect to see that any time in the near future, if ever. After all, Israel is a "Jewish" state, as such does not recognise anyone except themselves as victims)Here's more:
The mission is organised by the French doctor Professor Christophe Oberlin. His lawyer has sent a letter to the Israeli defence ministry, demanding an explanation, and wrote: "The purpose of their meeting was for the both teams, to hold activities together of medical consultation, surgery and teaching."

The letter says the denial of entry to the medical team amounts to Israel violating "the basic international humanitarian law principles, the obligations of Israel as the occupying power of the occupied territories, [and] its obligations under the international covenant of civil and political rights and the convention on the rights of the child." source


Barbara L said...

Well Irish, I am going to finally say it. I hate them. Beyond loathing and disgust, I hate them. A cold icy hatred like dry ice that stings and burns. I do not think I would like to see the expression on my face but my lip is curled and I am just disgusted by them. However, they are not human. They seem to equate being human with being able to cut off all feeling and just do as they wish to all others who are, of course, inferior. SPITS

Free Palestine Writers said...


I know EXACTLY how you feel. But dear Barbara Mo Chara(my friend), we must be careful to never become like them. When I feel like that I go and visit DesertPeace site or Palestinian Think Tank site where owners Mary and Gilad are Jewish but fight for Palestine's rights.

there are days I feel like you write today. Many of them, but I refuse to become like them, if I allowed myself to follow my feelings then they win. They will never win, ever!

just my thoughts:)

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