20 July 2009

Shooting Children~A Way Of Life For Israel

Israel "Child Killing Unit" shot a Palestinian teenager in the foot, in order to then take him to a Hospital inside Israel to then "interrogate" him in the way that only "Israel" (And George Bush)is allowed to. Much like War Criminal Bush, torture is allowed in Israel. They also have a standard Army policy of shooting any children over the age of 12, inspite of this being illegal in the rest of the "normal" world. More after article below:
Israeli forces at the Gaza border shot a Palestinian teenager in his foot and proceeded to detain him, on Sunday evening.

Gaza's Health Ministry told local media that the 15-year-old boy was taken to a hospital inside Israel.

Israeli sources reported that a military patrol discovered the boy approaching the electronic fence that surrounds Gaza. The patrol shot the boy when he refused to stop.

Others sources claim that the boy was wearing a thick jacket, which made the boy look suspicious in the eyes of the soldiers. The boy was searched and no explosives or weapons where found on him.

The boy reportedly admitted that he intended to "infiltrate" into Israel during his interrogation. But he kept insisting that he had no plans to carry out any attacks against Israel.

It remains unknown how trustworthy this testimony is, since it is widely documented by human rights organizations that Israel employs dubious interrogation techniques that could be qualified as torture. Palestinian children have not been exempted from this treatment. link
Israel has a long standing policy of killing both Civilians and Children. For background and proof of this you should read these posts for the shocking truth about Israel's Child Killing Units:
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