04 August 2009

"Regrettable" ....The Other Choices

Hillary Clinton has called the continued ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem "Regrettable." After reading that lack lustre phrase. I wondered, as one would wonder, what other choices were available. So, I dutifully looked up all the synonyms for the word "Regrettable" such as: afflictive, calamitous, deplorable, dire, disappointing, distressing, dreadful, grievous, heartbreaking, ill-advised, lamentable, pitiable, pitiful, sad, shameful, unfavorable, unhappy, woeful; Given these choices,perhaps the words "Dire, Deplorable, Dreadful, Grievous, or Shameful" would have been a much better description of reality
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned on Monday Israel’s expulsion of two Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem, although later and in softer terms than her European counterparts.

“Well, I think these actions are deeply regrettable,” she said, source

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Greg Bacon said...

The daily State Department press briefing actually got interesting, with reporters actually asking questions that mattererd and folowing up on the non-answers.

The link below has the Aug 3 briefing and if you dig thru it, you'll find some decent questions about Apartheid Israel's evictions/house stealing.


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