06 August 2009

Uh Boy, FATAH Conference Hasbara

In an amazing turn of events, Abbas takes “Hasbara” lessons from Israel and uses them at Conference. Yup, remember when on July 14th, Farouq Qaddoumi, the secretary general of the Fatah’s central committee accused Abbas of working with Israel's Ariel Sharon to murder Yassir Arafat? Then when the media covered this, Remember Dictator Abbas' answer was to ban Aljazeera from broadcasting in the West Bank? And then, more revelations ensued as Qaddoumi claims he knows of tapes that confirm the allegations.

Since then a real Brouhaha began and FATAH began to fracture even more. Not that it was coherent to begin with, which is why Abbas has waited forever to call this conference. But anyway, then he opens the conference and casts "fire and brimstone" onto HAMAS because they won the election with a majority of seats, even in FATAH strongholds like Ramallah. Then, after bashing HAMAS, he suddenly morphs himself into HAMAS and sings the praises of "Palestinian Resistance" Go figure! He's clearly in a meltdown, but back to the Yassir Arafat thingie, here's some awesome hasbara from Abbas, to deflect any guilt from himself over the death of Arafat, he calls for an "inquiry" into his death. Either another corrupt deal has been done with Abbas, or it won't be long before Farouq Qaddoumi has some "accident" like he vanishes along with his tapes A La Israeli agents. Viola, here today, gone tomorrow
The Fatah Congress on Thursday unanimously ruled that Israel is behind the death of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The congress decided to set up a Palestinian inquiry commission to probe the matter, with its members to be appointed at a later date.

Arafat's nephew, Nasser al-Kidwa, however, is expected to head the commission. The congress also called for an international inquiry commission to investigate the circumstances of Arafat's death source
I seriously doubt any truth will come of this "Inquiry" as if Israel would cooperate ROFLMAO, or Abbas would allow himself to be investigated by real investigators, again ROFLMAO. But ya gotta give Abbas the "hasbara" award..........He has learned the skill well.