10 September 2009

Israel's 9-11 Gift To Americans

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Know Your Propaganda Spreaders

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain..........and whilst you're at it, pay no attention to that fundamentalist religious state that keeps murdering innocent civilians and stealing land off other countries.

Step right up folks; get your Red Hot Terrorist Propaganda right here. FREE of charge, a gift from Israel on 9-11.
Rekindle that hatred that helped us talk you into waging war on Muslims, rekindle that hatred that allowed Bush to invade two countries,rekindle that hatred that allowed Bush to destroy America’s standing in the world, rekindle that hatred that allowed Israel to continue it’s religious war on Palestine, rekindle that hatred that allowed the American government to take your rights away, rekindle that hatred that allowed your government to continue to send us 3 billion dollars a year. Yeah, watch this with a friend, then go out and kill all Muslims.
Feeling all warm and fuzzy now? This is just such bad taste, but then again, we are talking about Israel, and God only knows they have absolutely ZERO moral code or decency. But, usually their “hasbara propaganda” is at least hidden a wee bit deeper, not this time. It’s well “in your face”

Just in time for the anniversary of 9-11, they have created a “movie” Er, make that a “Hasbara Film to Demonize Muslims and instill anti-Muslim hatred and fear. “ Because that is what it is. see here their "gift" to you:

New Israel Media will be enabling a stream of the full feature-length documentary, The Third Jihad, free of charge on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The film (regularly priced at $19.95) is available for free streaming in its entirety from Wednesday, September 9 through Tuesday, September 15 on the ultimate Jewish video site at www.wejew.com/thethirdjihad.
The comedy of the URL was not lost on me, “we-jew” that should give you a warning of the spin and propaganda of this so called “movie” but there’s much more duplicity, keep reading.
“We are glad that New Israel Media and Wejew.com have recognized the importance of this independent film, and have offered their assistance in our nationwide campaign to educate the public about the real threat that radicals pose to western society,” said Raphael Shore, Executive Producer of The Third Jihad.

Individuals are encouraged to watch The Third Jihad and share the film with others. New Israel Media, LLC, the parent company of Wejew.com, will be donating $5 for every 1,000 views of the film on the site Wejew.com
Yes, by all means send more of your money to Israel, as if the American government doesn’t send enough already…………..Notice how they always have their hand out? There’s more, and it gets serious
The film features exclusive interviews with politicians, experts on Islam,
So just who is this expert? Well, it’s this guy,Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, who has worked with these Zionist propaganda spreaders before an another fear and hatred instilling “movie” or a better term “propaganda infomercial” called “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West” see here:
Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser : Exposed
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and the debate with Imam Mohamed Al-Darsani

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, the Great hope for America and Islam; as some would have you believe. In this article we will examine the ideas and methods that define Dr. Jasser, as well as his struggle to redefine Islam and its message. We will critically analyze his opinions, arguments and discuss his use of intellectual aggression and fear to promote hatred towards everyone who opposes his views.
It’s important to know the storyline to the debate, without which you may easily fall victim to half truths and twisted semantics. It’s also important to explain, the now apparent motives behind Dr. Jasser’s eagerness and willingness to participate in this debate. On October 10, 2008 a documentary film entitled “The Third Jihad” will be released nationwide. The pre-release trailer includes a segment taken from the debate, and given the past misinformation presented by the creators of the film, as well as their claim that “The Third Jihad” is a unique look into the Islamist mindset within America. It’s almost certain that footage from the debate has been selected and edited into the film that may shape an untrue portrayal of Imam Al-Darsani.

Imam Al-Darsani and members of the Islamic Center for PEACE had attended a meeting designed as a National Security Briefing hosted by the Florida Security Council. At which Dr. Jasser was indentified and introduced as an expert about Islam and Islamic Terrorism. In his speech he gave praise and supported the documentary film entitled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West”. This film is important because his support and praise for its content speaks directly to his lack of sincerity and his ignorance surrounding the very issues he writes and speaks about day after day. The video contains numerous verified lies. One example is a note written in Arabic. The makers of Obsession claim that the note is about Jihad and Islamic domination. They go as far as to place the note on screen beside an English translated quote stating “This religion [Islam] will destroy all other religions through the Islamic Jihad fighters.” This quote is credited to a Jordanian and Palestinian school book. Contrary to what the creators proclaim, the text is actually an excerpt from an Arabic book and when accurately translated from Arabic to English it describes how racial discrimination corrupts society citing Nazism and Zionism as examples. At no time is there any mention of Jihad or the destruction of any religion.

The Islamic Center for PEACE has encouraged everyone to watch the debate for themselves in its entirety to preserve the context of any statements that were made. While watching the debate it becomes blatantly obvious that Dr. Jasser took a multitude of quotes and stuck them together to create his own version of what was said. However, it is somewhat understandable that he is so confused. During the debate he seemed entirely concerned with bombarding Imam Al-Darsani with random and unrelated questions, while refusing to allow him time to answer any of them fully. One particular question was concerning the condemnation of the killing of innocent civilians. Imam Al-Darsani said “Anybody who targets innocent people, whoever they are, wherever they are, whether it’s from Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, or anybody who claims he’s acting within his faith and targets an innocent people, he is a terrorist.” Not happy with this answer Dr. Jasser attempted to twist the question repeatedly until the audience became fed up, and many people shouted, “He already answered it”. At that moment it became apparent that Dr. Jasser was not there to educate, or to have an exchange of ideas. He was there to promote an agenda, a very corrupt and misleading agenda. One which will manifest itself in the upcoming documentary film “The Third Jihad” this from a 6 page report on the debate, the first movie and now this latest hate film to be released on 9-11, you can read the entire report here. and here is Mohamed Al-Darsani bio
And lastly this:
The film is being made available as part of a grassroots initiative to educate the public about the threat that radical Islam continues to pose to national security and the American way of life.
Oh great one, use the Holy Grail phrase that will surely strike hatred and fear into American’s e.g. “Muslims will Threaten the American way of life.” What a load of racist rubbish. Look out, here comes that radical Muslim Jermaine Jackson, he’s out to take away your rights and kill you in your sleep. Oh, sorry, that was his brothers Doctor…not Muslims.