07 September 2009

Terrorists Enter Gaza, Kidnap Shepards

Yes, in a shocking show of disrespect for international law, a gang of terrorist thugs crossed the border into Gaza and then kidnapped four Bedouin Shepards. And the world ignores it................Apparently much of the world has now adopted the Bush policy of kidnapping people on their own soil, imprisoning them without trial, interning them, and commiting an act of war on another country. So, in light of tese events, Bush must be so proud as his policies have gained so much support that no one even bats and eyelash when these things are done on a weekly basis. And you thought there was only "one" Bush?
At least four Bedouin Shepherds have been KIDNAPPED after a special Israeli army unit stormed a village in the northern Gaza Strip.

On Sunday, the four men were herding their flock near the town of Beit Lahiya located a few hundred meters from the Gaza Strip's northern border with Israel, eye witnesses said.

According to residents of al-Nasser village, Israeli tanks rolled about one hundred meters into Gaza followed by a unit of special forces who advanced further to kidnap the shepherds.

Also on Sunday, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas announced that an Israeli helicopter opened fire on Gaza in a quick incursion apparently aimed at providing a cover for the troops. source
Shhhhhh, look the other way, nothing to see here, move along..............................