11 March 2009

BREAKING NEWS-Israel Negotiates with Hamas

Yeah right! Israel doesn’t negotiate with, nor talk to Hamas, or so they would have you believe. Well, I say “mi arse! “to that nonsense. See here a follow up to my post yesterday about Israel offering Hamas 226 Palestinian Prisoners, in a trade for the one Israeli Solder captured and jailed in Palestine:

Israel waiting for Hamas response to Shalit offer

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's special envoy on the Gilad Shalit issue traveled abroad yesterday for talks on a possible deal for the release of the captive Israel Defense Forces soldier, as a security source familiar with the negotiations said Israel was waiting for a Hamas response to its latest offer.

"The key is now with Hamas, and we are waiting for their response on the list of prisoners we gave them so that we can progress," the source said.

On Sunday night the Shalit deal envoy, Ofer Dekel, relayed to Hamas a new list of Palestinian prisoners that Israel is willing to free in exchange for Shalit's release. The list, which was submitted through Egyptian mediators, is a revision of an earlier list rejected by Hamas.

Meanwhile, Tami Arad, wife of the missing air force navigator Ron Arad, called for the release of all the prisoners Hamas is demanding in exchange for Shalit's release.

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