06 July 2009

ATTACK IRAN~Obama's Mask Slips Off

Anybody ever truly believe Obama was going to be "different?"

UPDATED 7-7-09 it appears that Israel may use Cyber War Fare to attack Iran's nuclear facility, see here Original post from 7-6-09 below:

Israel, England and the US all had parts to play. Israel's job was to keep up the mantra of attacking Iran, so as to scare monger the Iranian population. Israel played the part of "attack dog" Whilst Britain played the part of insider agitator and intelligence gatherers and Obama played the part of being "above the Fray" A part he perfected when running for President during the primaries. It was never Obama on the attack only his supporters, followers and surrogates, whilst enabling Obama to keep his hands clean. It was always his surrogates. Same tactic being employed right now. keep reading..
Biden says Israel has the right to attack Iran

The U.S. wouldn't interfere with a sovereign nation's actions, he says, even as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says such an attack would be destabilizing.

Biden's remarks suggested a tougher U.S. stance against Iran's nuclear ambitions, but administration officials denied that. Instead, White House officials said, his televised remarks Sunday simply reflected the U.S. view that Israel had a right to defend itself and make its own decisions on national security.
So does that right to defend one,s country also extend to every other country in the world? What about Palestine? I digress...So, Shall we compare today's comments from Biden (Obama's Sock Puppet) to this report from April 2009, a mere 2 months ago. but.... (Before the Iranian Elections mind you):
APRIL 2009 As Israel and the US continue on a collision course over Iran, Tel Aviv says it hopes to put an end to Iran's nuclear activities with a "heroic operation".

Ever since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President Barack Obama signalled willingness for direct talks between the United States and Iran in an effort to end thirty years of diplomatic hostility, Tel Aviv and Washington have edged toward having a falling-out.

According to the report, the Obama White House is mulling over whether to impose sanctions on Tel Aviv should Israel go ahead with a unilateral attack on Iran.
Wowzer, so America feels so strongly in April 2009 about not allowing Isra-Hell to make a unilateral strike on Iran that the US would EVEN consider "sanctions" against Tel Aviv? Yeah, right LOL. The reality is that Obama is running his foreign policy just like he ran his presidential campaign. He's remaining "above" the fray, as always, appearing "God-Like" Whilst all the while his "POSSE" works behind the scenes doing all the things Obama could not get away with overtly. AS that would only spoil the image he has created of himself. No, the deal is Obama has to keep this appearance of being the "Great Hope" of the world. It's all smoke and mirrors, but mostly mirrors. Like the mirror Obama stands in front of every day, telling himself no one is the wiser...........

The sad fact is that in the build up to the Iranian elections the Obama Administration was all about "talking to Iran's Ahmadinejad" all about improving US image, all about "making ties." When in fact, the US had another plan all along. Use Israel to keep the scare tactics up on a possible Iran attack by Israel, and at the same time Obama extends the hand of friendship. Then come the elections, now we will see if the US/Israel/Britain plan will work or not.

Prior to the election funds and covert support were funnelled into Iran's Progressive movement by the US; and Britain assisted with media support using Britain's newly created BBC Persian Channel inside Iran. Iran knows how Britain works perfectly, so do the people of Ireland.
Iran accused Britain of instigating protests, arrested some of its embassy workers and expelled a British Broadcasting Corporation correspondent.

Rosemary Hollis, who teaches Middle East politics at City University London, says Iranian rhetoric about Britain is rooted in a long-held perception that while the United States might be more powerful, Britain is more devious. "The perception is, and you get this across the Middle East, that the Americans are at least straightforward, even if you resent what they're doing. They pretty much come in the front door. But the British pop in the window and nip out the back door," she said.
This is 100% true!more...
Britain has a long history of deep involvement in not only Iran, but across the Middle East during the past 200 years. The 1979 Iranian Revolution focused on the United States because of its long-time support of Iran's Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi. But Hollis says Iranian conspiracy theories have always seen Britain as the key supporting player, or even as the grand covert manipulator.

"I think it's only been since the Iranian Revolution that the United States has been the 'Great Satan.'

Analysts say that Iran was particularly incensed about the new British Broadcasting Corporation's Persian language TV station that was started early this year.

Alex Vatanka, a senior Middle East analyst for the Britain-based Jane's Publishing Group, says that compounded official anger about Western broadcasts to Iran when it was already the target of broadcasts by Voice of America's own Persian News Network link
Did ya get that last sentence there? Alex Vatanka has been involved in Iranian affairs since before the Iranian elections. Here's a wee snippet from June 12th regarding a missile test in Iran (taken from an Intelligence site no less) :
" the announcement that there was a deadline by the U.S. may have been received in Tehran as a slap in the face," said Alex Vatanka, a senior Middle East analyst at Janes information Group, particularly coming after Iran's release last week of a American journalist who was jailed for spying.

He called the launch a gift to Ahmadinejad from military hard-liners who hoped that it would demonstrate the country's strength and help boost the President's poll numbers before the June 12th election.
Well, so what? They are merely countering all the covert meddling by US and British intelligence people and groups, like Alex Vatanka and the Intelligence Gathering group he works for (Jane's Publishing Group) a covert intelligence military group, who say this:
Jane’s continues to push the boundaries in open source intelligence gathering, reporting and analysis. Our solutions offer the breadth, depth, accuracy and reach to meet a broad range of needs.
And this:
Intelligence Solutions
Whether your focus is equipment, forces, organisations, business, markets or geopolitics, Jane’s is the authoritative source. No other organisation offers a comparable breadth of coverage or depth of proven expertise. That’s why Jane’s is trusted by clients from more than 180 countries worldwide to provide the latest news and most penetrating analysis.
And of course there is this as well:
Jane’s Strategic Advisory Services (JSAS) provides strategic consulting services to governments and businesses. Use us to carry out detailed, specialist research into key areas of concern, and to prepare reports to feed into your strategic planning process. (Like overthrowing Iran's government perhaps?????) Jane’s unrivalled resources and experience can help you develop and implement a successful strategy. source
And people wonder why Iran is pissed off?

The social media networks were part and parcel of this plan as well, they were to be used the same way Obama's people used them during his campaign. Social media like YouTube, twitter and Facebook to push the mentra of "revolution". And rile up the American public to soften them up for Obama's REAL plan of allowing Israel to attack Iran. Because as we all learned during Obama's run for POTUS, whatever the influential blogs are talking about, soon you see the same thing being covered at MSNBC and CNN and the slew of newspaper outlets who support Obama will soon follow suit with the same coverage as well. All to amplify the effect of "revolution" and to demonize the Iranian election. Soon the American public will be begging Obama to "act" with their permission,that's the plan Obama is smarter than Bush was; Obama knows he must have huge American support to attack another country after what Bush did. So Obama will create the "facts on the ground" that will then get the Great American Public on his side. Yes, soon the American public will be softened up enough to look the other way whilst Israel attacks Iran and destabilises the entire Middle East. Yippee!

Britain used it's BBC Persian news channel to fan the flames of unrest, to question, to place doubt and to spread the mantra of corruption and that the majority of people were against Ahmadinejad. Which is probably not true in the least as he had massive support from the non-academics and less educated Iranians, who, do outnumber the reformists. This is why many of the British reporters have been expelled as well as their embassy staff, which assisted and participated in protests.

Obama never intended to extend a hand to Ahmadinejad, never intended to open the door to friendship and heal old wounds with Iran. Otherwise we'd not be seeing this from Obama now that his "Plan" to overthrow the Islamic Republic failed miserably:
US President Barack Obama pledged during his election campaign to open dialogue with Tehran, but the violent crackdown on Iranian protesters angered by a disputed presidential election appear to have put that plan on hold. link
What a great plan by Obama, if he can get the Reformists elected by creating a "colourful" revolution using protests, US funding and social media, Israel and Britan, to organise and overthrow the Government, then of course he carries on with extending that "hand" of friendship. But, the plan failed and now he uses the Iranian crackdown on massive protests to withdraw the formerly "extended" hand of friendship.

One thing that cannot be reconciled in this plan, is if Obama was willing to talk to Ahmadinejad "without preconditions" as he stated all throughout Obama's primary debates with Hillary Clinton (remember one of the first debates where he said this?) And now that Obama was elected he has also continued to say this as well, until the election failure, that is. So, why would he be willing to talk to Ahmadinejad in 2008 when he was running for POTUS when Ahmadinejad was doing all sorts of things that were troubling to America, yet now all that has happened is that Ahmadinejad was re-elected, and suddenly Obama won't talk to him. That's the "tell"

And don't forget Israel can't attack without help from America, just look at this map if you doubt that. Israel will need to fly into Iraq for re-fuelling or at the very least fly over Iraqi arispace, and just who controls that? Why it's the US of A.

Will America NEVER learn?


realistic bird said...

Hey how are you doing? Great analysis. Looking at you map at the end, some actions by the Israelis and Arab moderates is made clearer, the Israelis were allowed to go through the Suez canal to the red sea and it is said Saudi Arabia won't mind using its airspace by the Israelis to hit Iran. Maybe if they did hit Iran the US can say we had nothing to do with it to cover what they did. Yup Biden's words say a lot.

Free Palestine Writers said...

Hey Realistic:)

exactly right! That's the plan, I think it wsa always the plan to be honest. I believe they knew there was still not enough support for the reformists this time. The sad thing is that Iran IS changing on it's own, just not fast enough for the powers that be who are beholden to Israel.

If they'd just leave Iran alone and let it change naturally, but they jsut can't do it, have to meddle and screw the world up more.

I'm glad I live in Ireland, no one hates us LOL

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