21 July 2009

Israel Wakes Up in Bad Mood

Cranky, Cranky Israel, in one sweeping blow, Israel takes aim at the UN over Lebanon, and also an attack on Richard Goldstone, the man leading the investigation into the many war crimes committed by Israel.

Israel blames the UN for recent incidents involving Hezbollah. And….Israel is…. get this: “Complaining” about UN Resolution 1701 being “broken.” Oh, the irony of this is overwhelming. But isn’t it just like Israel to trumpet with rightiousness behind the Resolutions it agrees with, and ignore with deafness all those resolutions it refuses to comply with. How about Israel address the over 60 UN resolutions it has continued to break for years. Let’s start there shall we. Let’s begin with Israel meeting it’s obligation under all those resolutions it ignores. All of which pertain to much of the root cause of the existing problems between Lebanon and Palestine.
Israel says UN encouraged provocation on Lebanese border

In a letter of complaint addressed to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Security Council President Ruhakana Rugunda of Uganda, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev said recent incidents in Lebanon, including an explosion at a Hezbollah weapons cache, have verified that the Shiite group "consistently obstructs the implementation of Resolution 1701 by building new military infrastructure south of the Litani River."

Israel is also seeking a similar condemnation of two more incidents that took place over the weekend, namely the infiltration of 15 unarmed Lebanese civilians into Israel and the attack on UN peacekeepers by villagers in Bir el-Salasel.

"Such violations jeopardize the fragile stability along Israel’s northern border and stand in contravention of UN Security Council resolution 1701, in particular paragraph 8 that calls for 'full respect for the Blue Line by both parties'," the letter read.
Respect the “Blue Line” Eh? What about Israel respecting the borders of Palestine, what about Israel respecting international waters surrounding Palestine and additionally Palestinian territorial waters, all of which do not belong to Israel. Yet Israel commits continued acts of Zionist Piracy without punishment. And they go on to “complain and whinge” about Goldstone entering Gaza to speak with the democratically elected Government of Gaza and it’s citizens to carry out this investigation of war crimes. Note that the Evil Rogue State refused to allow Goldstone into it’s country to investigate in an effort to hide the crimes. Can’t have Goldstone talking to any of those brave IDF soldiers who are “breaking the silence” on the genocide. So here’s their whinge about Goldstone and the War Crimes Investigation:

In a separate letter of complaint to Ban, the Israeli ambassador protested the "meetings between Richard Goldstone, head of the Human Rights Council’s 'fact finding' mission to the Gaza Strip, and ministers of the illegal Hamas terrorist government."

"I am confident that, as a member of the Quartet, you are well aware that the Hamas terrorist organization repeatedly refuses to accept the three principles outlined by the Quartet: the commitment to non-violence; the recognition of Israel; and the acceptance of previous agreements and obligations. Thus, the aforementioned meetings with Hamas leaders clearly violated the principles and policy of the Quartet," Shalev wrote.
Temper Tentrum and Mega Whinge Fest. When will Israel realise it cannot control everything and the UN can investigate war crimes where ever it wants to if that country allows the investigators inside. The fact is that the people of Gaza and their Government have cooperated with the UN investigation, Israel, on the other hand, have run away to hide behind their prison walls as usual. This was Israel's answer to Goldstone regarding the UN Investigation HERE